We are still completely in the New Moon phase.

Have you made your New Moon wishes yet?

If not do it now!

I just found this quote in a newsletter from the awesome Gabby Bernstein I’m hoping she’s going to be on my Hay House radio show before too long! Fingers crossed 🤞

She is so on the whole manifesting tip now, it’s amazing.

I said at the start of 2019 that the series of Saturn/Neptune alignments would mean more and more people learning about manifesting, and it’s true!

I don’t always publicly pat myself on the back for predictions like that which come true, because I find it a bit unsavoury. But in this case, I’m literally so excited I can’t help it!

Sounds weird?

This will probably sound even weirder!

From my 2020 Moonology Diary (which is all about manifesting!) Consider the idea that the Earth is a school of manifestation (thank you, Sonia Choquette, for explaining this to me), and that we incarnate here to learn about how to consciously create.

Then go one step further, to an interplanetary and inter-dimensional level, and consider that we’re multi-dimensional beings, and a part of us is attached to what we call our Higher Self, and a part of us is here on Earth to learn how to manifest.

New Moon Manifesting Tools

I created this free Moon Manifesting tool kit to help you with your New Moon manifesting. Grab it now before the Moon moves out of phase!

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