What If You Were Born Under Mercury Retrograde?

To check to see if you were born under Mercury retrograde, simply cast your chart for free at www.theastrologybook.com/freechart and look for the ℞ (retrograde) symbol next to the Mercury glyph (☿) for your date of birth…

Far from being an affliction, it’s likely that you cope better with Mercury retrograde than other people, especially when Mercury is retrograde in the same element as in your birth chart.

If you have problems with expression and communication, then it’s likely to improve each time Mercury turns retrograde. And while other people are more muddled and confused, you might find that your senses sharpen and you’re able to make more sense of the world. In fact, having Mercury retrograde in your birth chart usually doesn’t mean that your mind is weaker but often the exact opposite.

There may be times when you feel that you need to reject your mental energy and power because you’re overwhelmed, or because you’ve had so much negative feedback from other people that you sense there must be something wrong with you. Chances are that you’re fine, you just think differently and it can take a while to develop confidence in your mental abilities, ideas and opinions.

Some people with Mercury retrograde in their birth chart (and 19% of people have it) may struggle with thinking and communication a little; or with speaking, writing and/or feeling misunderstood.

Their communication skills often improve as they grow up though, and learn ways of expressing themselves through writing, art, music or dance. You may also find that you process information differently to your friends and find it harder to put things into words. This means that some people might see you as quiet or shy.

If you find communication tricky then traditional methods of learning might not suit you, although chances are you manage to struggle your way through them. For this reason, artistic and creative outlets can be beneficial to you, so if you’re still having issues this is worth exploring.

You may rely more strongly on your intuition than others and like to take your time when it comes to making decisions. You might also find it difficult to be objective about your own ideas because you can’t separate yourself from them and get a more detached perspective.

In general terms, you absorb thoughts and ideas through osmosis and tend to accept what others say without question. You’re also probably more capable of dealing with abstractions than most people. It’s possible that you’re a reflective person who likes to explore ideas.

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