Yesterday we had a very weird technical glitch.

We sent our our free Monthly Astro Energy Overview to around 40,000 people. Which would have been fine except that the email replicated itself up to 14 times. In other words, some people ended up getting up to 14 copies of the exact same email!

Many, many of these people who got the duplicate emails wrote in to let me know. MANY of them! For the record, I answered as many as I could but the volume was rather overwhelming!

What I found SO incredibly interesting though was the different ways that people responded. Some people were quite cute or sweet or just plain helpful about it.

That was 99.99999% of people.

And then there was this one…

It always amazes me how differently people react.

When I replied to apologise to the second emailer, she wrote back and told me she meditates and prays every day (not sure why she mentioned it) as if that somehow made a difference?!

Which got me to thinking; are we all aware how very much we get back what we put out?

If someone has an issue and we reach out to help, rather than taking it personally, life will treat us very differently.

If we expect the best of someone, nine times out of ten we will not be disappointed. If we assume the worst, chances are we will just bring the worst out in the person we are dealing with.

This is all so important now as we move towards the New Moon. The New Moon is a time to remember that, to quote Mike Dooley (again) that “thoughts become things”.

Expect a good life and you will attract it.

Assume the world is out to get or that a technical glitch is bullying you, and – well, I can only wonder.

2019 sees a series of massive Saturn/Neptune links which are teaching us about conscious creation. This is a BIG part of it. What we give out is what we get back.

Think about that next time you’re about to respond to someone. It could change your life!

PS If you are among the people who got these 14 duplicate emails, my sincere apologies! At the time of writing this, we don’t know what caused it but we are, of course, looking into it!