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Today the Sun moves into Gemini.

This is what it means for you…
The Sun this week moves into your 10th house – that’s the part of your chart connected to your career and reputation. You can expect to start feeling a whole lot more ambitious – at the very least, you need to use the coming four weeks to think about the direction your career and/or life is headed in and if you’re happy with that. If not, then the next New Moon brings your chance for change. If you know you’re being asked to do more than you can manage at the moment, don’t be afraid to speak up. You’ll be glad you did later. Assuming you are not feeling overwhelmed, this could be the time when you get some kind of recognition or award for your hard work – lap it up!

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Virgo Weekly horoscope – May 21 2018

You have one of the greatest gifts that the zodiac can offer you right now; Jupiter in your Mind Zone. Jupiter is the planet of positivity and optimism, so having it in this part of your chart (also known as your Communications Zone) is a massive blessing. This is because Jupiter bestows you with the blessing of being able to look on the bright side and to focus on the positive. And whether you believe it or not, that can be positively life-changing.

Virgo Monthly Horoscope May 2018

Adventure and/or study, unexpected trips away and even a radical new view of the world – all this is likely for you in the coming six months. Your life philosophies are being turned upside down. Liberate yourself from your most ingrained Virgo habits. Change your perspective regarding how things ‘should’ be. Break out of your thoughts! As Steve Jobs said “think different”.

Source: Virgo Monthly