Virgo Horoscopes

Virgo daily horoscope – September 20 2018

According to certain members of the medical profession, our minds do rule our bodies, as the New Agers would have us believe. My own beloved, dearly-departed Dad (RIP) was a wonderful and very straight-laced psychiatrist who really thought a lot of my more “out there” ideas were, well, out there! But even he agreed strongly that a stressed mind leads to a stressed body and disease (aka dis-ease). If you’re too stressed, take a moment today to acknowledge that and to think about what you can do for yourself on a daily basis (including re diet) to improve matters. The Moon is now in Her gibbous phase so the Full Moon is right around the corner. So grab your free Full Moon worksheets here and connect with the energies.

Virgo weekly horoscope – September 17 2018

This should be a good week for you. For one thing, you’re in the spotlight. People are paying you attention. Lap it up! For once let others make a fuss of you instead of always being the person taking care of everyone else. For another, you’ll find it extra easy to think positively, thanks to a lovely alignment involving upbeat planet Jupiter. Ease thinking positively is an amazing gift. Remember, “thoughts become things, so choose the good ones”, as they say.

Virgo monthly horoscope – September 2018

As the sign associated with purity and perfection you’ll be in your element this month courtesy of the Sun and ruler Mercury in your sign. You’re no stranger to order and structure but if you’ve felt a little sloppy or slapdash this is the ideal time to declutter your environment and clear your head. A good cull will not only streamline your surroundings it could also net you a tidy sum or precious item via the ever-growing ‘swap, sell, buy’ pages on social media. With your mind operating at its best this is also a good time to apply yourself from crunching numbers and tackling paperwork to reading up on a highbrow topic.

The new moon in your sign on the 10th is perfect for bold beginnings whether it’s making good on a personal promise or committing to an ambitious project at school or work.

Transformation and embracing the new are positive ways to maximise the potential and fresh energy of the new moon. Opportunities will present themselves but not in the neat little package you’d prefer. It’s unsettling that you mightn’t be able to control these rapid changes or random developments but if you view each hiccup or unusual occurrence as a wonderful possibility in the making you’ll be reaping the rewards in no time!

Apart from the Sun endowing you with oodles of pep Mars in your health sector will also have you feeling motivated and dynamic. This will inspire you to adopt a regular fitness regime, if you don’t already have one, or turn up the intensity with your current routine. As this area is also associated with work make an effort to take the helm instead of being the modest behind the scenes trouble-shooter.

Concerning money Venus in your finance sector until the 10th brings ease and encourages you to be more indulgent, and really, what better excuse is there apart from birthdays?! If you’ve been cutting back, stashing any extra cash you’ve made or working towards a goal a full moon on the 25th will bring it to fruition.

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