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Virgo daily horoscope – November 16 2018

Venus retrograde ends today! So Venus is now moving forwards again in your chart. Here’s where…
Venus is now moving through your second house of cash, property and possessions. On the one hand, you do need to watch yourself, if you know you have a tendency to spend more than you should. You could find yourself feeling very flush now – but be sure you can cover your basic expenses before you go lashing out cash on something which has taken your fancy but which you maybe should be hesitating over. Your tastes might be more expensive than usual but before you give into your desires, double check with your accountant or whoever else is likely to go “Tsk tsk” if and when you spend up big on things you don’t really need! The up side of this Venus cycle is that you can expect more financial opportunities to come your way. Keep your eyes peeled and you could find the period lucrative. Also use this four-week period as a chance to work on your self-esteem. Don’t just think about that – do it. Start by making a list of what you know is Uniquely Wonderful about you. Seriously. Then ask your best friend what he/she thinks is Uniquely Wonderful about you. Try it.
Speaking of Venus and love, there’s a link to a free love chart based on your time, date and place of birth here.

Virgo weekly horoscope – November 12 2018

For one thing, your finances should start to go in the right direction again now as Venus ends her reverse cycle in your Cash Zone. This is big news for any Virgos who have been sweating it out re money lately. The wait really could be over, if you’ve earned it or you’re owed it. For another, family life should also start to make more sense. But it’s in your relationships that you really need to focus now. Clear any issues.

Virgo monthly horoscope – November 2018

What an exciting month for you coming up. Big planet Jupiter moves into Sagittarius on the 8th and begins a whole new cycle that focuses on where you live and who you live with. Jupiter expands what it touches and often brings new opportunities your way.

You might be considering moving somewhere new and Jupiter is linked to foreign connections. Living abroad is one possibility or an addition to the family. Think big now because Jupiter expands what it touches and this is your chance to fulfil a dream to live life fully.

However, that’s not to say that your plans will progress smoothly this month and it’s important that you don’t give up if you don’t at first succeed. Money is one factor that requires careful consideration. You may need to renegotiate a loan or find an alternative way to fund the lifestyle you choose.

The turning point for money matters comes on the 16th when Venus turns direct in your Money Sector. Look out for the person who can help you on or near this date and don’t take No for an answer.

Yet the following day, the 17th, your ruling planet Mercury turns retrograde and this is when you need to be patient. Keep the lines of communication open from the 26th to the 28th when luck is on your side. The turning point will come early next month, when your plans get the go-ahead.

If you’re in a relationship or married, you might be meeting the in-laws or moving in together. Keep your expectations realistic however and ensure you work together as a strong team.

There’s a lot to be gained this month from digging deeper to uncover new insights into the people you love. When you understand what makes someone tick, this gives you an advantage. Use this knowledge to help you get what you want or need in a subtle way.

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