Going old school today and drawing you a card… so think of a question and remember that you are reading this for a reason! And here is your card…

Emotions are running high!

This card suggests that the answer to whatever you’re asking is writ large like the silvery Full Moon set against the velvety night sky. If you’re wondering how successful something is going to be, such as a job or a relationship, the answer is very. To use common parlance, the answer to your question may well be, ‘In your face!’ This card is about being larger than life, being special and bursting with energy that you can tune into and work with. You can expect plenty of good things and a positive outcome when this card comes up, but you may find there’s a lot of emotion to deal with too. There’s also a sense that the opportunities around whatever you’re asking about don’t come along every day, so take action.
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