Resistance is futile!

Expect mayhem, chaos and excitement, radical changes and sudden reversals in the very near future.


Because the planet responsible for all that and more – the planet of madness Uranus – is about change signs.
On May 15, Uranus – the seventh planet from the Sun – will move into Taurus, for the first time since 1942. It’s a massive energy shift.

Now obviously if you are a Taurus (and even more so if you have Taurus as your Rising Sign) you are going to find yourself right in the eye of the Uranian storm. However no matter which sign or Rising Sign you are, this rare move by this outer planet is big news for everyone.

What most people don’t know that we all have the sign Taurus, represented by the Bull, in our chart somewhere. That’s just the way astrology works. So you might have Taurus on your Money Zone, for example, or on your Love Zone, for another example.

Whatever your sign, Rising Sign, or anything else, you do need to get ready for the chance for change that’s coming. Resistance is futile, too, by the way.

The problem with Uranus …

Uranus is the planet governing chaos and chaos theory, so whatever happens now could be the last thing you expect. Uranus is the planet that represents (and heralds) what you could call “cosmic curveballs” – that thing you just didn’t see coming.

Moreover, Uranus is the planet that turns everything upside down with little to no warning. Just when you thought you were about to retire into an easy life, here comes the planet of change, very active all of a sudden, stirring things up in unforeseen ways.

It’s a big deal because Uranus only changes signs about once every seven years, taking around 84 years to go around the whole zodiac. In fact, you may have noticed that many things in your life go in seven-year cycles (seven year itch, anyone?) and a part of the reason at least is that Uranus moves into a new part of your chart every seven years, bringing upheaval.

So Uranus is just finishing a stay in Aries which started in March 2011, and will spend around seven years in the sign of Taurus, before moving on to spend around seven years in Gemini, and so on.

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Uranus is the planet of unpredictability…

The trouble is that many of us mere mortals like things when they are predictable and Uranus is the planet of unpredictability. Even giving you an idea of how Uranus is going to affect your life has an element of foolhardiness to it, since Uranus does whatever it likes. (Hence why we have kept the forecasts section of this very tight, and very much to the main points.)

The best thing we can offer is advice and suggestions for how to work with the energies, which will be hitting us all around the middle of the month. Uranus officially moves from Aries to Taurus on May 15.

So if you thought you could cruise through the rest of 2018 on your laurels, think again. The great disruptor of the skies is on the march and some things are just never going to be the same.

The Uranus solution

The good news is that there is always a solution to every problem, including a solution to the wild, untamed rule-breaker Uranus. The key here is to live and let live. Uranus cannot stand to be controlled so we all need to work with the energies of change, and not against them.

Promoting change, fostering it, looking at where you have been stuck in a rut or downright old-fashioned. That is where Uranus can free your life up. Make your mantra “live and let live!” and you will go a long way to using the Uranian energy to write an exciting new chapter of your life.

– If your relationship feels stagnant, do something to add some excitement

– Single and don’t want to be? See how it feels to be with someone completely different to anyone you were ever with before.

– Job boring you to tears? Put it this way, either you change it or it could change by itself, when you least expect it, possibly leaving you high and dry. Steer the change – don’t stay stuck out of fear.

– Unsatisfied with your lot? Careful what you wish for!

– Unhappy with your appearance?

– Be yourself! Uranus is the planet of individuality so if you want to embrace the changes Uranus is offering, then you need to be true to your highest self – the best part of you.

The bottom line

The questions everyone needs to ask themselves are simple: where do I feel trapped? Where do I need liberation? Where do I crave changes?