Scorpio Horoscopes

Scorpio daily horoscope – July 20 2018

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Your daily Moonscope, with love …

Daily Moon in your 1st House >>> This is a day to go out and show the world what your mama gave you. The emphasis is on how you look, and if you’re not too happy with that state of affairs, this is the time of the month to give yourself a makeover – be it a new hairstyle or some new clothes. Also be aware that the Moon is all about feelings, and as she passes through this ‘front door’ of your chart (because that’s what the 1st House is), you could be way more emotional than usual. That’s okay: we all have to deal with our feelings every now and then, and the Moon in the 1st House is an exceedingly good time to do so. Also be aware that the Moon here exacerbates your rising sign. So if you have a really outgoing rising sign, such as Aries or Leo, you could be more ‘out there’ than usual. On the contrary, more timid types, such as Virgos and Cancerians, may want to keep a lower profile.

Advance Moon Manifesting …

It’s ideal to set your intentions just after the New Moon but any time in the waxing cycle is a good time to tune into how the New Moon is affecting you – all the info is here

Scorpio weekly horoscope – July 16 2018

So here we are in the eclipse season and on top of that, you have maverick Uranus ensconced for the next few months in your Love Zone. To say that you can expect love life ups and downs is rather an understatement. Expect people to amaze you – and they will. The one thing to really understand now is that the harder you try to control the Very Important People in your life, the more likely they are to push back.

Scorpio monthly horoscope – July 1 2018

The cosmic wheels start turning and you may find yourself back in the flow of abundance and luck again. On July 9, the most helpful planet, Jupiter, begins to move forward in Scorpio, bringing progress and exciting invitations your way. Plans or dreams that have been stuck since March start to come together, and you may feel supported by the people closest to you.

If you want to change your look, hairstyle or start a new health ritual, wait till after the 9th so you can begin with the positivity of Jupiter on your side.

You might receive a rave review for a study or work project, especially before July 10. With Venus in Leo supporting your achievements then, success or happy news about your career or a study project may arrive. This will also a be a great time to refresh your online and social media profiles, shop for new clothes for work, or update your resume, especially if you want a new job.

Your social life may sparkle, or you may be more popular than usual, once Venus enters Virgo on July 10. The last three weeks of July highlight friendships and helpful people in general. Your existing friendships may become sweeter, and it’ll be easier to meet new people too.

July 22 looks especially lucky, as Venus and Jupiter work together then. A friend may have happy news to celebrate, or you may receive a prestigious invitation. A mentor may provide a helpful connection or introduction for you then too.

Some delays or a mix up about study or work are likely when Mercury begins to move backwards on July 25. For about 4 days before and after this date, details may be hard to confirm. If you can, avoid making a promise then. Be flexible so you can adapt to any changes.