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Scorpio daily horoscope – September 23 2018

COSMIC COLUMN September 23 2018

Behold the coming Full Moon

Ah! Behold the coming Full Moon. A Full Moon week is always exciting – tensions rise and tempers flare, sure, but they are turning points for us all. We measure out our lives in Full Moons, in many ways. Even as young children, we are taught “look at the Moon!” and somehow most of us grow up feeling connected to it somehow. Working with the Moon cycles is actually something wise women have done for thousands of years – though of course the practise when underground following the Burning Times!

What’s the Full Moon about?

The Full Moon is the climax of the lunar cycle. It’s when the Moon is completely round, of course, and it happens when the Sun and the Moon are on exact opposite sides of the zodiac. Symbolically it means we have all made it to another Full Moon and it’s time to let stuff go that we no longer need.

If you are a part of the new growing trend towards minimalism, then use each Full Moon to take stock of what you need to declutter in your house and your life.

On an emotional level, it’s also time to let stuff go. So what are you releasing this week? Write it down on a list and burn it, preferably on the night of the Full Moon. The exact time of it wherever you are is here

This particular Full Moon…

The particular flavour of this Full Moon is potentially healing. If you have to forgive someone now – or forgive yourself – you have super lunar support.

Note that the first astro-combo after the Full Moon this time around is a clash between the Sun and Saturn. This can certainly heighten the strains of the week. Talking things sooner rather than later is strongly advised!

An affirmation for the Full Moon

If you would like to work with the Full Moon to divest yourself of dramas just say this over and again on the night when the Moon is at her fullest; “I forgive you, I forgive me, I forgive positively everyone I know and everyone who knows me, in all directions of time!”

Do you want to work with the Full Moon for real? I’ve created a very simple A4 PDF designed to help you work with the energies of the Full Moon in Aries. It’s the first Full Moon of the new lunar cycle (Aries being the first sign of the zodiac) so sign up here now – it’s free!

Scorpio weekly horoscope – September 17 2018

There is a lot of tension in the air and it’s hitting you where it could hurt a bit; in your Love Zone. Suffice to say, if someone is acting weird, erratic or plain unfathomable, give them a wide berth, don’t try and control them, and see what it’s teaching you. One of the best ways around any relationship upsets this week, with your partner or ex, is to treat them as you would a friend rather than as a lover.

Scorpiomonthly horoscope – September 2018

Venus, the Love, money and beauty planet enters Scorpio on the 9th and you get to be the Goddess of sexy who is loved and adored and a magnet for money until the end of this year. Venus will turn Retrograde next month in your natal sign. Get ahead by securing your money and romance advantages and goals this month to be prepared for what’s to come.

Communicating with others is changing so fast it’ll make your head spin as Mercury, planet of thinking and communications and all our social media moves through three signs. The messenger leaves fiery Leo where you shine brightest in the world and enters Virgo on the 5th/6th where your ideas can be innovative practical and grounded. The Trickster planet then enters Libra on the 21/22 into the house of your unconscious. A behind the scenes relationship may develop now. Pay attention to your dreams.

You can detach from your emotions and free yourself from old concepts and even grudges that may have been holding you back since childhood, as Mars, your ruling planet enters Aquarius on the 12th. Your energy, drive and passion should be buzzing. Watch the caffeine and sugar intake as you won’t be needing it. This aspect can make you feel as if you have a new lease on life. Be innovative on all levels. Renovations, decluttering and cleansing on all fronts makes for a shiny new you.

The New Moon in Virgo on the 9th /10 indicates new beginning in networking with groups, connectivity and finding a tribe of peeps that you can let your hair down with. VIRGO New Moons are good for setting new practical work goals, being disciplined, initiating diet changes and cleaning up your act.

The Full Moon in Aries on the 24th falls in your 6th solar house of work, health, discipline and your community. If you are looking for a new job this is time to do it. Start a new health or diet regime, exercise program or join a gym. You are ready to be more independent and forthright.

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