Sagittarius Horoscopes

Sagittarius daily horoscope – August 17 2018

Jupiter is the planet of good luck

This week brings some great Jupiter action … first the Moon triggers Jupiter today and then in two days’ time, Jupiter triggers Neptune. Here’s a reminder of where Jupiter is in your chart and where you can expect to get lucky, to seek freedom, be inspired (thanks to the upcoming Neptune link) and/or to experience some kind of expansion…

Even if you don’t currently think of yourself as ‘the Spiritual type’, Jupiter’s visit to your 12th House could see that changing, dramatically even. Under this once-every-12-years transit, people who’ve never so much as said “Ohm” have found themselves taking up meditation and – hey presto! – suddenly being introduced to their Higher Self. No kidding. If you’ve read enough about Angels to start to get curious about what it all means, Jupiter will bring singing choirs of them into your life, if you but seek a little bit. Your 12th House is the deepest, darkest part of your chart, and Jupiter is one of the most ebullient, noisy planets. You might think that the two don’t go well together but in fact having Jupiter arrive in your 12th House is a bit like having happy, screaming kids running through a cellar, throwing open doors that have been locked for years. And I do mean, years. Jupiter here can lighten you load, even if you’d rather be alone more often than usual. The 12th House is where you contemplate your fears – Jupiter laughs in the face of fears and if nothing else, will help you confront those scary ideas that have been plaguing on and off for years. Just finally, remember that this part of your chart is where you keep the Things You Don’t Like To Talk About. Jupiter is the planet of plenty and could see you developing quite a swag of secrets. Fine. Just be careful about what you keep hidden! It may not stay hidden forever… and the guilt that often goes with secrets ruins what can otherwise be a positive time for you.

Has Mercury retrograde messed with your mind?

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Sagittarius weekly horoscope – August 13 2018

Fighting about anything is never a good energy; in fact it can create negative vibes which act as a sort of bottleneck to you getting what you want. Remember this over the coming seven days if and when an argument about cash, property or possessions seems to be rearing its head. You have some very intense stars financially. However if you can work out how to get the energies flowing in your favour, your fortunes can increase hugely between now and 2020.

Sagittarius monthly horoscope – August 1 2018

There’s a powerful solar eclipse on August 11 at 8am UTC. It’s visible from Norway to Japan across the northern hemisphere but not in the southern hemisphere.

Even if it isn’t taking place near you, it’s significant astrologically because eclipses are like super-powered New Moons. Something is ending to make way for something new to begin.

This eclipse is in Leo so at a very benign angle to you. It could be that a teacher or mentor leaves your college or university. It could also be that you will suddenly realise that you don’t want to carry on with your particular course of study or work. These are just possible scenarios. The essential story of this eclipse for you is a change of worldview. So for example, this might cause you to drop your travel plans.

The best advice is to be ready for a possible switcheroo this month, and know that something better will quickly follow.

But what of the rest of August? Well, obviously it’s one of the best months of the year for you. The Sun is in friendly, gregarious Leo, a fellow fire sign — and therefore the king of the solar system is beaming benignly in your direction.

From August 23, the Sun shifts into Virgo, the sign that rules the very top of your chart. This may well put you in the spotlight for a few weeks — or else in charge.

And what is more, your ruler, jolly Jupiter is now steaming along at a stately pace, spreading well-being and benevolence wherever he goes and helping you to feel at one with life, the universe and everything.

You might be very busy for much of the month talking, or possibly chatting, or maybe gossiping. There could be a lot of interesting information flying around.

August is also a great month for you to acquire a new skill fast. For example, you could take a crash course in Italian, or learn HTML. So think about going to summer school. You are known as the professor of the Zodiac (by some) or just a plain know it all (by others). What is it really want to know about, or do excellently?