Sagittarius Horoscopes

Sagittarius daily horoscope – September 25 2018

The Full Moon in your 5th house of fun suggests that there is likely to be some kind of tug of war going on in your heart – you have hopes and dreams that you know you have to work hard to make come true. But you also wish you could have more fun. And honestly, that is your challenge right now. You do need to work to make your dreams come true but you need to balance that out with having time out for good behaviour. For some, this month will be all about learning to be a great friend to other people while also allowing yourself the quality Me Time that we all need. Want to work with the Full Moon energies? Download your free Full Moon worksheets here.

Sagittarius weekly horoscope – September 24 2018

There could be issues connected to cash, property or possessions this week, so mind how you go. In fact, whatever is happening is happening so you can learn an important life lesson, so pay attention! Once you get through this patch, the next few weeks will be far more fun. However you need to quell any Sadge tendencies you might feel rising up in you to gloss over problems. They need good and proper solving – they won’t just magically disappear!

Sagittarius monthly horoscope – September 2018

You could be blessed with a shower of abundance, loving feelings or money, as Jupiter and Pluto work together on September 12. You might receive a raise at work, get a new part time job, or hear about a well-paid job you can apply for.
Your efforts to improve your finances, or earn more money, are blessed by the cosmos this month. Your actions can lead to great results, so take action to move forward with your plans and dreams. If you have always wanted to run your own business, get started this month.

Since Jupiter is also your ruling star, you have more power and influence than you realise this September. Others may want to hear your thoughts, or be ready to listen to your input. Hopefully this gives you the courage to speak up about what you believe, and to make authentic choices as much as possible. You are stronger than you think and others love how focussed you can be. You may also be ready for a mini transformation. If so, ditch a bad habit for something more nourishing.

You might realise you’ve outgrown a friend, or that someone around you isn’t as fun as they used to be. With Mars on the south node on September 26 you might be ready to end a friendship, or pull away from people who take more than they give.

Your schedules may be influx or change at the last minute when Mars and Uranus square off on September 18. A flexible attitude can help you find opportunity in chaos then. Double check details and expectations in advance, especially if you have a deadline near the middle of the month.

A last minute invitation will be worth accepting near September 12, as electric Uranus and sweet Venus combine then. You might decide to head out impulsively, or realise you have more time for fun then than you’d thought.

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