Libra Horoscopes

Libra daily horoscope – November 16 2018

Venus retrograde ends today! So Venus is now moving forwards again in your chart. Here’s where…
Venus is now moving through your first house of self and image. This is a wonderful Venus cycle for you – Venus is the planet of love, luxury, beauty and all things gorgeous. To have her in your sign means it’s Your Turn to start feeling her charms. Singles can expect to have more admirers than usual. Couples who’ve been feeling less than their best should find it easy to find ways to rediscover the romance. And whether you’re single or attached, you can expect to feel a lot more loved and even downright popular over the next few weeks. Those in problematic relationships are not promised an Instant Cure but (a) you should find more time to work on your relationship and (b) you should find it easier to negotiate your way to at least some kind of agreement. Appearance-wise, this is The Moment Of The Year to invest in a haircut, some new clothes, whatever it takes, to make you feel more worship-worthy. Venus, planet of love and beauty, passes through your sign but once a year – make the most of her visit. You are currently, officially, The Sign Most Gorgeous.
Speaking of Venus and love, there’s a link to a free love chart based on your time, date and place of birth here.

Libra weekly horoscope – November 12 2018

If the past few weeks have been tough, then you’ve been “Venus retrograded”, so to speak. There is nothing inherently bad about Venus retrograde but because Venus is your planet, sometimes things from the past (especially whatever you didn’t handle too well) can catch up with you… If you have been through the mill during this time, the good news is that you should by now have worked out what’s really important. With that information, you can sort out lingering issues.

Libra monthly horoscope – November 2018

If you’ve been feeling out of balance over the past month or so, this is probably because Venus – your ruling planet – has been retrograde in your sign. Things should slowly start to come back into alignment around the middle of the month.

The New Moon on 9 November puts your money zone into sharp focus. Set aside some time to go deeply into your financial affairs. There could be some hidden elements in there that you’re not keen to confront, but doing so will help you transform the situation.

Apply the same laser-sharp view to your energetic and emotional resources. If you’ve been giving too much of yourself in some area or another, you’ll need to pull back and replenish this account. The one area you shouldn’t be compromising on is self-care.

On November 9, Jupiter moves into Sagittarius – where he’ll stay for the next year or so. Jupiter brings with him opportunities for growth, and in your case, you could find your local environment – and your curiosity – expanding. Over the next twelve months, try following that curiosity and see where it takes you. It could be to a new field of study, to more short breaks, or to a greater understanding of something that had previously seemed obscure.

Going with the flow around the middle of the month might help rejuvenate a tired training schedule and help you see beyond your routine to see what else is possible. With Mars moving into this part of your chart, use that energy to take charge of any niggling health issues.

This month’s Full Moon on November 23, casts the spotlight on what you know versus what you believe – often these aren’t the same thing. If your faith feels as if it’s being tested right now, rather than analysing why, perhaps you need to take a leap and explore somewhere or something new.

Libra Annual 2018

This is the year to get really clear on what you want. There are eclipses in your 11th House of Wishes in January and August. The Full Moon eclipse on January 31 could see a wish come true – or it could be a time when you decide you no longer want something you used...

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