They say every day is a new day…

They say every day is a new day and it really is for you at the moment thanks to the conglomeration of powerful planets in your 6th House of Daily Life which by the way are being triggered today by the Moon as She passes through the sign of Capricorn. So do you need to start over somehow? If so, today is genuinely as good a day as any to make a start. Reinvent your daily life.

What about the Moon…?

We are now in the waning cycle – it just feels like the waxing cycle to me as I am being Uranus-ed! How about you? If you feel like you’re on a roller coaster ride, chances you are too. Want to understand this mayhem better? I asked 12 of the world’s best astrologer for THEIR opinion about this new Uranus cycle – their replies are here.