Hold onto your hats, it could be a bumpy ride this week. There are three main astrological events to be aware of which could have a rather big impact on us all:

Pluto ends its retrograde

Mercury clashes with Pluto

Venus starts to retrograde

So how will that impact us?

Let’s dissect it one by one.

The end of the Pluto retrograde takes us all further out of the quagmire we were all in a few months back when we had six planets all reversing at once. For many, it was a time when it felt like the proverbial “two steps forwards and one step back”. Having six planets reversing is actually super-rare. It gave many people second thoughts about a lot of things, people second-guessed themselves, decisions were reversed, seemingly strong relationships were torn down, and generally it felt like moving forwards was almost impossible for many of us.


The end of the Pluto retrograde cycle this week takes us one step further away from this cycle. However note that it also means that Pluto – the explosive planet – is now going to be moving forwards again which means he will once again be detonating little explosions in all our lives, seeking to destroy that which no longer serves us, even if we’re clinging on. Pluto helps rid us of the dead wood from our lives, the only complication being that manty of us cling on to the dead wood for fear of change!

Paranoid communications?

The mid-week Mercury clash with Pluto is less of a big deal however it could lead to tensions. Mercury is the communications planet and Pluto is paranoid so when they clash, it can be a time of difficult thoughts, conversations and text exchanges. If you find yourself being engaged in a power struggle this week, back off for everyone’s good! That said, if you have a toxic situation which needs better communications, this is the right astrological energy to support that. Just don’t go too far.

As for Venus retrograde, more on that next week.

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