For a while there, I really didn’t like the South Node. It came from the fact that my worst-ever, pathologically unfaithful boyfriend, let’s call him Tim, had his Sun on my South Node. (Or did he? I will never know as Tim was adopted, so I can’t be 100% of the details.)

So what is the South Node all about? Think of it in terms of past lives and you won’t go too far wrong.

Right now the South Node is reversing but soon enough (by July) will reach the Saturn and Pluto.

Between now and then, it’s the time to think about what you need to release. Think ofit as lessons and transformation coming. What lessons and urges for transformation are coming to you now?

This whole Saturn/Pluto/South Node combo made me think of the akashic records – the mysterious place where all information about everything in all directions of time is stored.

I wondered if any else had though of the connection with the mysterious akashic records and found this from author and intuitive coach Monica Careless:

“As Saturn and the Lunar South Node come into conjunction, the Akashic Records are being opened for the world to see the karma and where we have collectively been out of integrity.

The actions of the past 500 years are being reviewed and shown to humanity.

This transit will conclude in October.”

Saturn is also involved in another major theme of 2019; the Saturn/Neptune alignments which are all about learning about life’s mysteries.

Moreover, this post itself, in a super-meta way, is actually also a manifestation of series of 2019 rolling Saturn/Neptune alignments, since Saturn/Neptune is learning about mysteries such as … astrology and even the akashic records!

Learn to work with the lunar energies…

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