There is such a lot going on in the skies this week. There are actually seven major alignments. So where to begin?

Rather than trying to delineate them all one by one, here’s another way to look at them.

The tough alignments could arguably be said to include; Sun and Mercury square Jupiter. This is quite easily summarised as saying too much, going over the top, an out of control ego, a conversation where you say more than you mean to. So keep these themes in mind this week, especially if and when you hear yourself starting to pontificate!

That said, as the astrologers’ astrologer Robert Hand says, there is no such thing as a bad Jupiter alignment, really. Sometimes Jupiter activity like this can result in matters going over the top and too far, but overall, there is nothing really to worry about.

The other five alignments – all positive – are between the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto.

In other words, the energies are positive for nearly everything and nearly everyone.

So what to do with this info? If you’re reading this on Sunday, decide here and now that it’s going to be an amazing week. Note that we are in the waxing cycle of the Moon, hot off the heels of last week’s New Moon, so it’s a time to really go for whatever you want. Visualise it, chase it, taking inspired action, feeling the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

In my work, I am lucky enough to get tons of feedback from readers and I can promise you that it’s not just me that’s come to realise how powerful working with the celestial energies is. I get dozens of comments each week from people saying wonderful things about how my work has helped them change their life for the better. Hey, it’s my pleasure. I consider myself blessed to make a living passing on this previously-suppressed information!

So the moral of the story is; if you want to change your life, then you have to change your life. Do it now!