Quite frankly, it’s a pretty momentous week.

We are moving back into another eclipse season. The last eclipses we had were back towards the start of the year. Then in March we had the chaos of the planet of change, Uranus, moving from Aries into Taurus for a stay that will last up to 2026. So it hasn’t been the quietest time ever.

And it’s not going to get quiet anytime soon.

Let’s talk about eclipses to start with. They are times of massive change. The way I like to think of them is as a portal to another life that opens up for a brief moment in time. It’s up to us if we jump through or not.

If you’ve seen the movie Sliding Doors, you will know what I’m talking about.

Sometimes, you just have to see an opportunity and take it.

The other thing about eclipses though, is that they involve the karmic lunar nodes. These are points on your chart which relate to the passage of the Moon around the planet Earth, as we spin around the Sun. What’s really important here is that they are karmic – and they are always involved in eclipses.
The thing is, before we incarnate on earth, our soul chooses a path. Sure, I have no way of proving this is true.

However, I’ve been thinking and reading and talking and researching about questions such as these for 20 years – and after all that, this is my humble opinion.

So here we are on Earth, with something our soul wants us to achieve – and with a path our soul wants to evolve along.

And then what happens?

Our very human ego gets in the way, that’s what!

So what to do?

In my humble opinion, that’s what eclipses are here to help us with.

If we drift too far off our path, we find ourselves able to get back on again at eclipse time. Or rather, if we drift too far off our path, an eclipse can sometimes very unceremoniously help us to get back on our path.

I wrote about a time when I drifted waaaay off my path in my July 2019 Eclipse Mini-eGuide.

I was so off my path, the eclipse was very difficult. To say the very least.

However it also turned out to be the best thing ever.

And that’s the way it can be with eclipses. They can be challenging at the time, but they get us back on our path into that reason, it’s safe to say that they nearly always turn out for the best.

Want more Moon?

If you want to work with the New Moon eclipse, I would love for you to download my free July 2019 Eclipse Kit. I hope you will love it! It’s here.