So how are you feeling?

So how are you feeling? Great? Destabilised? Not even sure?

Yesterday brought the second of three eclipses that we are having this “season”. The season started back with the New Moon eclipse in the sign of Cancer in mid-July, continued with yesterday’s Full Moon eclipse in the sign of Aquarius yesterday and will conclude with the New Moon eclipse in Leo next week.

If you’re trying to get your head around what all this means, here’s one idea in a nutshell; think of this time as a sort of portal to another life, that you can walk through. Whether you understand the astrology of it all or you don’t, just keep that idea in mind. Actually it’s very complicated to really decode such energetically times as these. You would have to be quite obsessed and fanatical to really work it all out. So just do it the easy way and think about where in your life you want change.

5 questions to precipitate change…

Where do you want change?

Where is change inevitable?

Where are you resisting change and why?

What needs to happen for change to happen?

Who can help you on your “journey to change”?

These are some of the questions you can ask yourself which will start to open the doors that you in theory should be able to walk through towards new ways of being once this cycle is over.

We are actually in a time of second chances, with so many planet going retrograde this season, too. Reversing planets give us a chance rewind, revisit and rethink. Chances are there are important lessons coming at you about how you communicate, controlling your anger, your working life, your spiritual pursuits and more. So pay attention the lessons. The more “woke” you are, the more the 2018 eclipses we are currently in the middle of will help you to change your life for the better.

Do the work

There are no easy paths to spiritual enlightenment. If you’re determined to live a more high vibration life, you have to do the work. Doing it in an eclipse season, though, really can fast track it.

Work with the energies

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