It’s a Full Moon eclipse!

This week brings a Full Moon eclipse – and it’s a real mixed bag! Full Moon eclipses are always a big deal as they ask us to turn a corner – they encourage us to move on. That’s not something we’re always keen to do (and I don’t think that’s just me!). Full Moon eclipses are also extra emotional.

The Moon represents emotions in astrology, so when She swells to fullness, our emotions do too


Moreover, this Full Moon eclipse is what you might safely call a ‘doozy’, since the first planetary alignment that takes place after it is a clash between angry Mars and strict Saturn. That sounds like an argument waiting to happen, especially if someone is trying to boss you around, or has some kind of authority over you.

Happily, just afterwards we get to kiss and make up under a far more alluring Venus-Jupiter link – this means love, and lots of it. If you’re wondering about the most romantic night of the week, it’s Monday (though Tuesday morning also looks pretty good!).

The way to work through the energy is have a good old go at resolving an outstanding issue but in a way that constructive. Quell your anger. Make sure that wherever you’re expending energy this week, it’s energy well spent.

Take a deep breath…

Anger most certainly has its place: it means you’re motivated. That said, this Full Moon could be quite emotional so take a deep breath and ask yourself if you have any anger issues you need to deal with. Once you’ve done so, take your mind from any anger and turn it towards peace.

Here’s a simple technique to help you:

1. Close your eyes and breathe gently.

2. As you breathe in, think the word ‘peace’ as you imagine the air (prana) coming in through the top of your head.

3. Then breathe out peace, too, through your nose or mouth, whichever feels more comfortable.

Once you have done this, use the eclipse energy and do a forgiveness ceremony. Forgive anyone you need to, including yourself.

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