Happy Valentine’s week! Surely the question on your sweet, soft lips is “how will February 14 play out for us all this year?” Good question!

In fact, it’s quite an interesting energy this week. More sexy than romantic, really.

The first thing to mention, though, is that Valentine’s Day 2019 take place in the waxing cycle of the Moon. (The waxing cycle is the time between the New Moon and the Full Moon).

It’s when we need to step things up, when we need to go for it; when we can more easily make things happen. So if you want a romantic Valentine’s night this week, the celestial ball in in your court.

Traditionally Valentines was always all about sending your secret fancy a message to let them know you care. These days, though, it’s less about that and more about romancing the person you’re already with. Either way, the skies support anyone with romance in their hearts this February 14.

That said, Wednesday, the day before Valentines, sees a once-every-two years link which could be rather combustible. The planet of sex (and anger) Mars meets the planet of the unexpected (and chaos) Uranus and they clash!

For something, this could be super exciting. There could even be some surprises in the boudoir and/or we can safely expect more unexpected marriage proposals than usual this year.

However there is a less lovely side to this energy as well.

Mars is testy, and Uranus is out of control, so put them together and you could also get some people buckling under the pressure this week and getting into an argument before February 14 even hits!

So go easy if you and your beloved start to scrap a bit on Tuesday or Wednesday.

If you’re single and/or just not interested in love and romance, you could still feel the mad energies of the Mars/Uranus collision.

Watch out if you already have a fiery temper because this alignment is a bit like jamming a burning power plug into an electric socket.

Have an amazing week and a wonderful Valentines. Visit here for a free Valentines forecast.