Capricorn Horoscopes

Capricorn daily horoscope – November 16 2018

Venus retrograde ends today! So Venus is now moving forwards again in your chart. Here’s where…
Venus is now moving through your tenth house of work. Venus is in many ways, the Great Attractor. Wherever she appears in your chart is where you suddenly find yourself able to attract people to you, charming them as you go. Right now, Venus in your work zone means you can expect your professional life to pick up. If you’ve been waging wars with office politics, relax. You are entering a four-week period when you’ll find it much easy to negotiate your way to peaceful agreements with co-workers and clients alike. Alternatively, you can use this cycle to bring in more business as people find themselves quite simply being drawn to you. If you want to convince someone to invest in your ideas, don’t delay. Now is a great time to speak up. If you’re contemplating or actually having a romance at work, Venus’ move through your tenth house means the relationship gets a chance to blossom. Because this part of your chart is associated with the planet of age, you could easily find yourself being drawn to someone either a lot younger or older than you.
Speaking of Venus and love, there’s a link to a free love chart based on your time, date and place of birth here.

Capricorn weekly horoscope – November 12 2018

If you’ve been having issues at work, they could ease up this week as Venus ends her reverse cycle in your Career Zone. Money you’re owned for a professional project could finally trickle through too. Overall, more lucrative times are ahead for you. An office romance could finally pick up speed. If you haven’t been loving work lately, that can change. However if what you’ve realised is that you’ve been working too hard, then now is the time to make changes.

Capricorn monthly horoscope – November 2018

You may feel dragged back to the drawing board on the 6th with any new innovative plans you have already started. Draw on your ability to be patient for a while.

The New Moon in Scorpio on the 8this the time for setting new intentions. This can be a very innovative and powerful time for meeting new school friends, colleagues, networking and being able to manage resources. Scorpio energy brings out deep emotions, secrets and power struggles so stay detached.

Jupiter enters Sagittarius on the 8th and stirs up your longing for travel, spiritual growth, expanding your dreams, and maybe even education. This may also see a new long-distance relationship start. You want to learn and be inspired. Be careful of negative self-talk and judgmental feelings.

Mercury, the planet of communications turns retrograde on the 17thin Sagittarius in your 12thhouse of the unconscious. Deeply buried memories and old conversations may be echoing through your mind. This is a good time to review what inspires you, and where you need to be more honest. Overhaul your educational and travel plans. Laughing at yourself is healthy.

In the love, money and beauty department, Venus stops being retrograde on the 16th in your 10th house of fame and career. Review old relationships and ambitions. Ask yourself if you’ve been fair with or have been treated fairly by others. Call in any loans, unfinished business or conversations with friends, associates or lovers. This is a good time to change direction in career and rebalance your life goals.

The action changes from focusing on technical skills and earnings on the 16thwhen Mars enters Pisces, an emotional spiritual dreamy sign in your house of communications. Try to listen your feelings and intuition. Pay attention to synchronicity and your dreams. It will be life-changing!

Full MOON on the 23rd at Zero GEMINI in your 6th house of work, service to others, your health and community is asking you to complete choices. There are also new opportunities to work in partnerships, share ideas and to lighten up.

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