Capricorn Horoscopes

Capricorn daily horoscope – August 19 2018

What’s up?

There are a couple of major astrological events worth watching out for this week. They are, in this order:

The end of the current Mercury retrograde cycle in Leo

A wonderful and uplifting link between Jupiter and Neptune

The move of the Sun into the sign of Virgo

Two positive Sun connections, to Uranus and then Saturn

Let’s go through them in order.

The end of the Mercury retrograde cycle sounds like really good news but do be aware that the start and the end of this famous cycle can be the most confusing. Mercury retrograde is a time when plans can seem to go awry, though in fact most often, whatever is happening is happening for a very good reason, quite possibly because we need to rethink, review, revise, re-edit something. The end of the cycle heralds the end of the second chances that this cycle brings, but also the end of the mayhem and madness. So buckle up. Today is actually the end date of the cycle. If you’ve been putting something off because of Mercury retrograde, give it a few days before you take action. Ideally, you’ve learned what you needed to, to make a decisive move now.

Enlightenment here we come!

The link between Jupiter and Neptune shouts “enlightenment here we come!” at least to my ears. If you believe that enlightenment comes in stages, as many do, then this is a week to work on yourself. Look at where you are getting better and better and look at where you are clearly lagging behind in the enlightenment stakes. If you’re serious about raising your vibration, it’s a week for yoga, meditation and chanting. The result should be off the scale. Commit to the idea of connecting to Spirit and amazing things can happen!

Positive vibes

The move of the Sun into Virgo and the positive connections to Uranus and Saturn also herald more positive vibes this week. Changes which quickly settle down into something solid and reliable are possible. Overall, a pretty awesome-looking week energetically-speaking.

Where is Mercury retrograde for you?

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Capricorn weekly horoscope – August 13 2018

Mars is temporarily back in your sign this week and it’s good news. Although Mars is retrograde and there could be some angst associated with his second visit to your sign in recent times, soon you should find that you end up feeling more energised than you have done in a while. So try to breathe through any dramas this week and conserve your energy because you will be feeling much better quite soon. You’re in the eye of a perfect storm.

Capricorn monthly horoscope – August 1 2018

The spotlight is on finances this month, and you may find that others (your mother, your spouse or boss for example) all have differing opinions about what, exactly; you should be doing with your money.

If you owe previous money, now would be a good time to square up if funds are available. You might be tempted to indulge in a little retail therapy, so try to be mindful of your spending to avoid impulse buys. If you must make a purchase, it would be wise to invest in something that will benefit the greater good.

The first week of August brings a period of deep self-reflection. Time spent alone now can be beneficial and healing, as you find yourself wanting to retreat from the public eye. Try meditation, if you don’t already do it. It’s super-easy to learn online.

You may feel drawn to the home and your family more than usual, and a little rest and relaxation might be just what you need, as well as some deep conversation for contemplating life’s little mysteries. Interactions with others will spur memories and feelings that inspire you to look deep within yourself and question your personal motives.

Things will intensify by the second week, as the Sun will join Mercury, the planet of communication, making conversations with others more emotional in nature, but deeply profound.

Think of the first week of the month as your prep period, as the second week brings fears and insecurities to the forefront, forcing you to acknowledge what has been holding you back. Talk to your parents or friends or even a counsellor. Just talk.

You will feel a sense of relief once you have admitted to yourself what the underlying issues were, and this revelation along with the new moon on August 11th, will allow you to make a fresh new start.

As the month ends, you will experience a transformation within your personal relationships, especially concerning your relationship with yourself. August 26ths full moon could inspire you to celebrate by taking an impromptu road trip or plan a brief weekend getaway to relax and renew. It will also be a very spiritual and creative time, where activities like painting, meditating, even daydreaming will be more appealing than usual. Your intuition will be especially strong now as well, so pay close attention to your dreams as they are the key to your happiness and will serve to guide you going forward.

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