Capricorn Horoscopes

Capricorn daily horoscope – September 22 2018

Something for the weekend – information for all the signs… one of the simplest things to do when you’re first starting to understand astrology is to follow the Sun around your horoscope. The Sun takes a year to go through all the signs. Over the course of the year, the Sun “shines a very bright light” into every part of your chart. In the next 24 hours, the Sun moves into Libra, signalling the onset of our Libra friends’ birthdays. Here’s where the focus is for you now, and over the coming four weeks.
The Sun this week moves into your 10th house – that’s the part of your chart connected to your career and reputation. You can expect to start feeling a whole lot more ambitious – at the very least, you need to use the coming four weeks to think about the direction your career and/or life is headed in and if you’re happy with that. If not, then the next New Moon brings your chance for change. If you know you’re being asked to do more than you can manage at the moment, don’t be afraid to speak up. You’ll be glad you did later. Assuming you are not feeling overwhelmed, this could be the time when you get some kind of recognition or award for your hard work – lap it up!
We’re nearing Full Moon, when feelings rise to the surface – a great time to work on dealing with your emotions consciously! The Full Moon forgiveness kit has been designed to do that – it’s yours for free here.

Capricorn weekly horoscope – September 17 2018

If you don’t feel good about yourself this week, it’s time for you to do some work on yourself. Doing that could not only make you feel better about yourself but could actually boost your bank account, believe it or not. (Money and self-esteem are actually in a mystical symbiotic relationship.) That means either taking up some stress-busting exercise or getting out in nature and breathing deeply, meditating, contemplating, doing yoga or whatever else de-stresses you. A mentor will help too.

Capricorn monthly horoscope – September 2018

You could be feeling quite restless this month and, as luck would have it, this is a good time for travelling. The New Moon will be taking place in your Travel Zone which makes it the ideal time to either get away or at least book your next trip. The thing to remember is that travel really does broaden the mind so even if it feels like a luxury, it’s also really good for you. If you’re depending on your parents to send you away on a trip, this is a good time to ask them to pony up the cash. And if you work and you’re hoping for a work trip, again, it’s a great time to broach the subject with your boss.

Also this month, take a moment to step back and see the big picture of your life. This is something we all need to do once a year at the very least – and this is always the right time of year to do it.

Being a Capricorn, you’re a hard worker and sometime you really do need to afford yourself some time out to smell the flowers and see how far you’ve come, if that’s not mixing metaphors too much!

This month could end up being a really important one for you thanks to a link from lucky Jupiter to Pluto in your sign. You’re in a massive and long term cycle of transformation anyway. And every now and then this process is really tough and then sometimes it’s easier. This month is should be easier! You can change your life with less effort.

With tedious Saturn now in your sign it’s really important to take your jollies when you can. Normally you will have to work really hard, at school or work, so grab the good times – and this month should bring some good times.

In particular, even if you’re working really hard, you social life looks quite promising this month so hang out with people whose company you love.

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