How are you finances looking in 2019?…

One of the things to learn here and now as 2019 starts is that money is energy which we exchange. In some case we swap it for good old fashioned hard labour and sometimes for our expertise in a subject. However you earn your cash, 2019 has some particular themes for you when it comes to money –here’s a summary:
It’s so important that you believe in yourself if you want to attract cash now. Money is energy and it will come to you in the amount you think you deserve it. Think of work as your service that you exchange for the cash which is a level of consciousness. Wrap your head around that!
Your Money New Moons 2019: 5 February at 16 Aquarius at 08:03am and 1 August at 9 Leo at 13:11pm – check in to see if you have a positive money mind-set.

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