There are no major astrological aspects today so I’m going to do something I used to do a lot back in the day and give you a card reading. Remember if you are reading this, this reading is meant for YOU! I am using my gorgeous new Moonology oracle cards deck … so close your eyes before you read any further and think of your question. And here is your answer…
You’re very close to achieving your goal.
The word gibbous means ‘bulging’. What a descriptive word, right? And pulling this card at any time of the month suggests that the situation you’re asking about is bulging with possibility and coming to a peak. However, this is not an ‘ending’ card with a neat ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. Rather, you’re being reminded that some adjustments may yet be required before you get what you want, though you’re certainly on the right track, which is hopefully reassuring for you. However, there is also a sense that the situation is a bit tense, so don’t push too hard – one false move and the whole thing could blow! That’s not meant to scare you; it’s just to let you know there’s a fuse attached to this situation, so be careful if you choose to light it.
“I know that I’m on the right track’”
This reading is from my very new Moonology oracle card deck – click here for more info about them!