The Full Moon takes place now – here’s what it means for you! Remember to read your Rising Sign if you know if, for an extra accurate predictions. Also note that we get two Full Moons like this in March so you will have these energies twice – they are being driven home!
This Full Moon suggests it’s time for you to step aside a little. It’s time to invest some emotional energy either into your Other Half or into Other People in general; your marriage partner, significant other, business partner, or even an adversary. Me, me, me is fine at the right time, but right now, it should be all about someone else. At the very least there needs to be a balance – it seems someone else needs your attention! The Full Moon can also bring closures so if you’re in a friendship or relationship which is ending now, you can proceed knowing that you’re finishing things up at the exact right time, celestially-speaking.
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