Going old school today and drawing you a card… so think of a question and remember that you are reading this for a reason! And here is your card…

Believe in the impossible.

As the saying goes, some things happen ‘only once in a Blue Moon’. In other words, hardly ever. Drawing this card suggests you’re about to get a rare chance, and that something ‘one-off’ could well be about to happen. This card is a very positive sign if you’ve felt like you’re hoping for too much, or asking too much of the Universe. Whatever you are asking about, well, it might only happen once in a Blue Moon but it can happen! However, with this rare opportunity before you, it’s important that you believe in it. If you convince yourself that whatever you’re asking about can never go in your favour, then guess what? It won’t go in your favour! Be grateful for this card, which is a reminder to believe in your dreams.
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