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Big changes possible…

Today the Sun triggers the crazy planet of change and disruption Uranus. Cue unexpected excitement, weird behaviour, rebellion and breakthroughs. Uranus’ placement is all new – Uranus recently changed signs for the first time in around 7 years. Here’s a reminder about what that means for YOU (tip – more than ever, read your Rising Sign of you know it!)
So what changes do you want in your personal life? The good news for you now as the rollercoaster planet settles into your Home Zone is that anything is possible for you when it comes to home, family and all things private. If you want a big shift or to break away from something or someone cloying, careful what you wish for – you could be about find things change very fast! A shake-up is coming – out with ruts and tedium. Maybe even today. More free info about Uranus here.

Hey Cosmic Person!…

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