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Hey my fellow Moon lover,

The New Moon is in the sign of Virgo today or tomorrow, depending on your time zone/where you are in the world.

New Moon details:

London: 7 September, 1:51am
Sydney: 7 September, 1:51am
LA: 6 September, 5:51pm
NYC: 6 September, 8:51pm

In another location? Click here for your time zone.

This is a powerful New Moon. It’s taking place in one of the signs of the Goddess – Virgo. Virgo is a gentle facet or side of the Goddess – the one that happily looks after home and family. Virgo, of course, represents the Virgin, which all women are at one point in their life. It’s the sign that knows it’s ok to be soft as well as strong. It’s a sign of mental acuity that thinks more about other people than it does about itself. But this month?

This New Moon in Virgo is triggering Mars, the planet of All Things Male, of competition and arguments. It’s like a Goddess getting an injection of testosterone.

Where in your life could you do with finding a better balance between being soft and gentle as well as competitive and driven? That’s one of the energies very much on offer at the time of the New Moon in Virgo this month.

Follow your dreams

Moreover, this empowered New Moon is taking place opposite the dreamiest planet of poetry and soulmates, Neptune.

Put it all together and you have driven and determined women chasing their dreams. So think about what you want to achieve and think about the fact that even if you were born female, you have male energies within you, and vice versa.

It’s the same way that the beautiful yin/yang circle has female and make energies, black and white, soft and strong. (In case you don’t know, yin represents the soft and feminine while yang is masculine and out there).

A New Moon meditation

On the night of the New Moon, print out a yin/yang symbol or cut out the one on this page and put it on your altar if you have one, or simply sit it in front of you as you sit down to meditate.

Call in the energies from the four corners, north, south, east and west and ask for the Divine feminine and the Divine masculine to embrace you. Imagine these two very real and powerful energies swirling around you as you chant:

Om Shakti, Om Shiva

What this mantra means: Om calls in the Divine, Shakti calls in the Divine feminine, Shiva calls in the Divine masculine.

Join me for a New Moon ritual here.

Every month, I do a Facebook live, to get in tune with the New Moon.

What happens depends a lot on the “flavour” of the New Moon at that time – but we do anything from intention setting, to meditations to chanting to talking about how the planets are interacting with the New Moon, to forgiveness rituals, oracle card readings and more.

September 2021 New Moon in Virgo Ceremony

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New Moon in Virgo

The key energies of this Moon are: Organisation, Discernment, Dreaminess and Insight

The New Moon is at 14:38 degrees and taking place at the following times around the world:
Sydney 10:51 hrs / 7 Sept
Amsterdam 01:51 hrs / 7 Sept
London 01:51 hrs / 7 Sept
Toronto 20:51 hrs / 6 Sept
New York 20:51 hrs / 6 Sept
Los Angeles 17:51 hrs / 6 Sept
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