The Mercury Retrograde Book is available on Audible!

Oh yes it is!

I know that these days, a lot of people prefer to listen than read (I love a good audio book, especially on a long journey!)

So I thought I would let you know that my new Mercury Retrograde Book, co-authored with Kim Farnell, is also on audible.

I was actually SUPER grateful because I got to record the audio book in one day at a central London studio. I was a bit worried that I was going to find TONS of errors as I read it out.

After all, most books have at least one or two AND a book about Mercury retrograde seems ESPECIALLY likely to have a few!

The good news is that there were only a very few things which I felt were absolutely essential to change (though in truth, I could edit forever!) and I managed to convince the lovely production editor Julie at Hay House UK to allow me to squeak them in before they hit PRINT on the book!

If you would rather listen that read, click here.

You can still get the free bonuses by leaving your Audible transaction receipt here

… but remember, you have to order before October 15 after which time, the bonuses go away!

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