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So here we are at the start of a new month! I thought it might be a good time to tell you about the astrology of the month ahead!

Please note the info on each line is


Which planet is doing what to which planet

The time this peaks in GMT

The degrees of the zodiac involved

Don’t worry too much about them if you don’t know much astrology – you can just read the date and the info

Have a good month!

Your full length September stars are here

1 Sep 2019 Mer Tri Ura 15:10:43 06°Vi26′ D 06°Ta26′ R

A time for fabulous conversations that excite you and turn things around

1 Sep 2019 Ven Tri Sat 19:48:36 14°Vi07′ D 14°Cp07′ R

Great day for making promises which stick, to do with love and money

2 Sep 2019 Sun Cnj Mar 11:42:17 09°Vi41′ D 09°Vi41′ D

The focus is on sex and drive and energy – use the energies!

2 Sep 2019 Ven Sqr Jup 17:26:02 15°Vi14′ D 15°Sg14′ D

How much love is too much love? Don’t smother your beloved!

3 Sep 2019 Mer Cnj Mar 16:39:44 10°Vi27′ D 10°Vi27′ D

Hmmm – there could be a bit of tension in the air – avoid people with short fuses!

4 Sep 2019 Sun Cnj Mer 02:39:59 11°Vi15′ D 11°Vi15′ D

A good time to talk things through if you were too harsh yesterday

4 Sep 2019 Ven Opp Nep 12:25:52 17°Vi28′ D 17°Pi28′ R

Love and romance is in the air but avoid cheaters!

5 Sep 2019 Mer Tri Sat 13:37:08 14°Vi02′ D 14°Cp02′ R

A great day to make a deal

6 Sep 2019 Mer Sqr Jup 08:11:04 15°Vi30′ D 15°Sg30′ D

Don’t say too much too soon!

6 Sep 2019 Sun Tri Sat 22:55:44 14°Vi00′ D 14°Cp00′ R

Reliability and solidity are keywords today

7 Sep 2019 Ven Tri Plu 04:45:45 20°Vi47′ D 20°Cp47′ R

Hot love and romance are in the stars today

7 Sep 2019 Mer Opp Nep 08:18:21 17°Vi23′ D 17°Pi23′ R

If something sounds like it might be too good to be true, it probably is!

8 Sep 2019 Sun Sqr Jup 16:26:28 15°Vi41′ D 15°Sg41′ D

There could be egos getting a little too big for themselves today. Don’t let that be yours!

9 Sep 2019 Mer Tri Plu 04:08:52 20°Vi46′ D 20°Cp46′ R

A day for a powerful conversation which leads to a breakthrough

9 Sep 2019 Mar Tri Sat 05:13:47 13°Vi58′ D 13°Cp58′ R

Use your energy wisely today and you really could get somewhere!

10 Sep 2019 Sun Opp Nep 08:23:37 17°Vi18′ D 17°Pi18′ R

Confusion abounds but it’s also a lovely day for sweet delusions

12 Sep 2019 Mar Sqr Jup 10:05:49 16°Vi01′ D 16°Sg01′ D

Tempers falre!

13 Sep 2019 Mer Cnj Ven 16:10:29 28°Vi50′ D 28°Vi50′ D

Have a healing conversations

13 Sep 2019 Sun Tri Plu 20:42:07 20°Vi43′ D 20°Cp43′ R

A day to fix something which is broken or power on in a project

14 Sep 2019 Mar Opp Nep 06:25:16 17°Vi12′ D 17°Pi12′ R

Hard to get started today? Thanks Mars opposite Neptune.

14 Sep 2019 Mer Cnj Lib 08:14:18 00°Li00′ D 00°Li00′ D

Mercury moves into Libra

14 Sep 2019 Ven Cnj Lib 14:42:57 00°Li00′ D 00°Li00′ D

Venus moves into Libra

16 Sep 2019 Mer Opp Chi 17:54:54 04°Li07′ D 04°Ar07′ R

Talk through an upset and you could get healing – seek our healing options

17 Sep 2019 Ven Opp Chi 21:21:10 04°Li04′ D 04°Ar04′ R

Don’t let someone hurt you – don’t give them that chance

19 Sep 2019 Mar Tri Plu 16:53:19 20°Vi40′ D 20°Cp40′ R

A day of powerful breakthroughs, getting somewhere, drive and passion

21 Sep 2019 Jup Sqr Nep 17:43:36 16°Sg59′ D 16°Pi59′ R

The biggest day of the month – more details here

22 Sep 2019 Mer Sqr Sat 17:18:32 13°Li55′ D 13°Cp55′ D

Things that make you go ouch! Be nice!

23 Sep 2019 Sun Cnj Lib 08:50:03 00°Li00′ D 00°Li00′ D

Sun moves into Libra

24 Sep 2019 Mer Sxt Jup 22:00:27 17°Li22′ D 17°Sg22′ D

Kiss and make up

25 Sep 2019 Ven Sqr Sat 20:19:44 13°Li57′ D 13°Cp57′ D

27 Sep 2019 Mer Sqr Plu 00:51:46 20°Li38′ D 20°Cp38′ R

Don’t start an argument you’re not prepared to go all the way with!

27 Sep 2019 Sun Opp Chi 02:21:30 03°Li39′ D 03°Ar39′ R

A good day to say sorry – be extra careful to avoid mean people

29 Sep 2019 Ven Sxt Jup 00:40:28 17°Li54′ D 17°Sg54′ D

What a way to end the month – it’s a day of love and romance

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