The Cosmic Column – for all the signs!

Your weekly look at the astrological weather for the week ahead. Once you start to work with the Moon, you’ll feel how much more intense the energies of an eclipse season can be.

I can clearly recall my first eclipse as an astrologer – I was so aware of it.

It was in my Star sign at the same time Saturn was trolling over my Venus and I was going through a horrible break-up.

You don’t forget something like that. It was intense.

The Universe changes gears during an eclipse and my life changed gears at that time. I’d been hanging on to the relationship, even though I knew it was toxic, and the eclipse loosened my grip and put me on my right path.

That’s what they do. The more ‘off path’ you are, the more unceremoniously you’ll be put back on the path your soul wants to be on, nay, came here to be on.

So, this week think about what in your life you know you need to release but are still hanging on to for all the wrong reasons.

And if there’s nothing like that in your life, look around for a friend or family member who’s going through a tough time.

If it happens to be your birthday or half‑birthday this week, you’ll feel the eclipse intensely!

You’ll also feel it strongly if you’re Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising (as the eclipse is in Sagittarius). Embrace it!

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