It’s an interesting week, this week. For a start, there are two planets, the Sun and Mercury, moving into the sign of Gemini. What this means is…

Communications are in focus. For one thing, Gemini is the sign of communications so when the Sun shines its light in this sign, communications are going to be more in focus. Add to that the fact that Mercury is the planet of communications and you have something of a double whammy (or a triple whammy, depending on how you look at it.) In other words, now is the time to think about how you’re communicating. Most of us can use brushing up our communications skills. Are you the exception? If not, then now is the time to think about are you speaking kindly but firmly and getting your message across?

As well, it means there is a focus in the part of your chart where we find Gemini. So where is that for you? Here is a list – remember to read your Rising Sign if you know it, for more accurate info!

Aries – it’s a quadruple whammy because it’s all about how you communicate plus plus. Message received? Taurus – think about cash, property and possessions. Gemini – it’s about thinking about your whole life! Moonchild – think about your spiritual life. Where are you with it? Leo – time to give your friendships some extra thought. Virgo –your work life should be your focus for a while now. Libra – it’s all about travel, adventure, study and learning. Scorpio – turn your mind to your sex life and your money. Sagittarius – your love is the focus for the coming four weeks. Capricorn –time to think about your daily routines – are they serving you? Aquarius – focus on having fun and you won’t go too far wrong over the coming four weeks. Pisces – it’s all about your home life. Expect home and family to be a focus.

Wherever the Sun and Mercury go, focus follows. So use the info above over the coming four weeks. If you don’t feel all that confident in the part of your life mentioned, now is the time to ask yourself what you can do about it.

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