The Cosmic Column – for all the signs!

Your weekly look at the astrological weather for the week ahead.

As you can see, this column promises a look at the astrological weather for the week ahead but this week as we go into April, I also want to scope out what’s ahead for the month as well.

The Week Ahead

To be completely frank and given the times we are living in, there could be some tough lessons coming our way this week. That’s because it’s this week that Mars connects with Saturn in a way that only happens once every two years.

On the one hand this can be a good thing because there is more energy, drive and determination (Mars) being put into learning what we need to do to get ourselves out of this current mess (Saturn) but it can also be a time where unlawfulness starts to surface, for example, or when people start to push up against (Mars) authority (Saturn).

If you are a community leader or even just a parent, this is a time to take your responsibilities seriously and steer those who trust you in the right direction. It can also be about humanity starting to climb the walls, as the effects of being cooped up together in unprecedented ways starts to take its toll.

If you know me, then you know I am not about doom and gloom but at this time, with people in the health care system and people who run essential services like supermarkets doing ALL they can for us, it’s important we do what we can for them to flatten the curve and end this mayhem that’s consuming the earth, seemingly one country at a time.

Humanity has a lot of lessons to learn from this – a concept which is utterly reflective of the recent move of Saturn (learning) into Aquarius (humanity). But are we paying attention?

The month ahead

As for the month ahead, it’s a big one. For one thing we get a massive meeting between Jupiter and Pluto. This could see the virus peaking (hopefully!) however it can also be a time when – again – there is eruptive unrest.

The best side of Pluto is that it detoxifies so if you can bring this major alignment down to a macro level in your life and use this time to detox your life, you will be getting the best that April has to offer.

The Full Moon in Libra this month will bring about lots of relationship changes – obviously they are already happening because of what’s going on and this month’s Full Moon will amplify them.

There is also a fairly epic chance for change coming – so think about what you want to change in YOUR life. This is one of those times when change is easier than usual so make the most of it!

Live consciously…

More than ever, live consciously and intentionally. I will be doing daily Facebook Lives to do what I can to explain the energies.

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