Welcome to the new month! June was pretty intense, so what does July hold?

Starting with this week, the big news is that Mercury retrograde ends on Sunday. In other words, if you’ve been feeling like you and the people you care most about haven’t really been making too much sense to each other lately, that can ease now.

Actually because of the “going back to the past” aspect of any planetary retrograde, hopefully Mercury retrograde over the past few weeks has been a chance for you to reconnect with people you care about from your past. Or maybe it’s just been a case of getting back in touch with people you were not able to see while we were all in 100% lockdown.

Whatever the case, the latest Mercury retrograde cycle is ending this week, so life should start to make a bit more sense. If you’ve been confused about what to do next, regarding lockdown or anything else, that should start to fade away now.

The past few weeks have been about gathering information about the best way forwards. By next week, it’ll be the right time to start to be the time to take actual action.

In an ideal world, what July is going to bring all of us, is a chance to come together as a planet with loftier aspirations, higher ideals, and bigger dreams. That might sound like a lot to ask, but guess what? 2020 is actually all about the planet evolving in the right direction.

You have to hope that the past few months of staying home, thinking about life, re evaluating everything, and of processing events around the world, will help us to evolve as a species, right?

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