This week brings some of the gnarliest astrology of 2020

Today – January 12 – brings one of the biggest bits of astrology that we will get all year. You could say – and many esteemed astrologers do – that 2019 was all about leading up to NOW.

Before I go any further, let me just say one thing. Today brings a massive planetary alignment between Saturn and Pluto. However, you probably won’t feel it exactly today.

Astrological alignments are not like light switches. They don’t switch on and off. In fact we have been feeling this for months now and for many people whatever it’s been all about, will be peaking now.

After that, we deal with the aftermath.

What you need to know about this alignment.

Saturn is the planet of karma. So whatever happens now is very unlikely to be something new. With Saturn, it’s always old news. Remember the old slightly menacing sounding adage that what we sow is what we reap? Well that pretty much applies now.

If you know you’ve done the wrong thing by someone, this is the time to ask for forgiveness, be that from the person involved or from the universe. You also need to forgive yourself for anything you think you’ve done or failed to do.

Pluto, the other planet involved here, is the explosive planet of transformation.

Make sure you’re not blocking your ability to transform your life. If you like to live consciously and intentionally, today is a day to offer your life up to the Divine. It really won’t hurt and will almost certainly help you work out these energies in a fabulous way.

This alignment today will affect us all personally one way or another. If you know where Capricorn is in your chart, then you have a very good indication of where this is likely to play out for you. If you don’t know but you wish you did, click here.

It’s also the end of a so-called a synodic cycle between Saturn and Pluto which started in 1982. If you’re old enough, think back; that cycle is ending. And a new one is, of course, beginning.

You could say, best case scenario is karma is being burned up. Start over.

Want to know what it all means for YOU?

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