This is a potentially amazing week, especially for manifesting (remember we’re all consciously or unconsciously creating 24/7).

We have the New Moon in the sign of Pisces and an amazing link between Jupiter and Neptune. In some ways, this is what you might call an astrological super-whammy, because Jupiter (expansion or good luck) and Neptune (dreams) are both associated with the sign of Pisces.

In fact, it’s said that Jupiter and Neptune ‘rule’ Pisces so there is a definite crossover. Jupiter is about the big picture, higher learning that expands the mind and perspective, while Neptune is about dreams, poetry and the Divine.

Add them to dreamy, psychic and spiritual Pisces and you have the makings of a very blessed New Moon!

One of the best ways to use the energies is to think about your spiritual practice up until now.

Is having a spiritual practice something you want for yourself this year? If so, the New Moon in Pisces is a particularly good time to begin or renew your commitment.

Whether you work in a spiritual sphere or not, there is always time to connect to the Divine, the unknown, to Source, the void, the God/dess, the cosmic, the Universe, whatever you like to call it.

Just do it now.

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