This week I would like to offer you some Do It Yourself astrology!

There is a lot of action going on in the sign of Virgo. Mars, the planet of sex and anger, Venus, the planet of love and abundance, and the Sun, which acts like a spotlight, are all moving into Virgo this week.

So it’s the ideal time to start to get your head around where (in which “house”) you have Virgo in your chart.

Because yes, whatever sign you are, you definitely do have Virgo in your chart somewhere. We all have all 12 signs in our chart. It’s just the way astrology works.

So here is a quick rundown.

This is the house where you find Virgo

Aries – 6thhouse. Taurus – 5thhouse. Gemini – 4thhouse. Cancer – 3rdhouse. Leo – 2ndhouse. Virgo – 1sthouse. Libra – 12thhouse. Scorpio – 11thhouse. Sagittarius – 10thhouse. Capricorn – 9thhouse. Aquarius – 11thhouse. Pisces – 10thhouse.

And what does all that mean?

Find out what each house means below:

The 1st House: your appearance and image; self-identity; how you come across to others.

The 2nd House: money, property and possessions; values, including how you value yourself.

The 3rd House: communications; siblings; neighbours; quick trips; early learning and education.

The 4th House: home and family, all things domestic; where you belong; your past.

The 5th House: romance; creativity; kids (your own or someone else’s); pursuit of pleasure; love affairs.

The 6th House: daily routines, including at work; your health; duty.

The 7th House: your lovers, your spouse and your ex; open enemies; any sort of partner, including business partners; cooperation and competition.

The 8th House: joint finances; credit cards; debts; sex; anything you consider taboo; inheritance; transformation.

The 9th House: study; travel; the Great Cosmic Quest; the Internet; higher learning; religion; spirituality; dreams.

The 10th House: your career and ambitions; how you make your mark on the world: what you’re known for; your reputation.

The 11th House: friends; networks; social circles; hopes and wishes.

The 12th House: your fears; your spirituality; selfundoing; withdrawal; secret or hidden enemies. This is the deepest, darkest, most sensitive part of your chart.

So now, put it all together.

The house where you have Virgo is in focus so you can expect issues to do with that house to come up this week. Wait and see! The good news it that overall it all looks very positive!

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