That time Louise Hay felt nearer… | Yasmin Boland
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Just thinking back to when I recorded my amazing Moonology course – in a house in Bath just over a year ago.

We were between lockdowns and so a few of the team from Hay House plus the Hay House camera crew and the lovely makeup artist Lucy and I all went to Bath for 3 days.
The house we rented was a lovely, old coach house.
And how excited were we when among all the books in the house, we found the absolutely seminal and iconic book now called Heal Your Life by seminal and iconic Hay House founder Louise Hay.
The pic is from a live I did after we found it. You can see the camera equipment for the course in the background.

Every single one of us took it as a bit sign that Louise (or Lulu as she was known) was around and supported our work!

And what wouldn’t she?
Louise was an amazing person that I was lucky enough to have a couple of hours one on one with about 20 years ago, when I was visiting California. I interview her in her then-La Jolla home and she was WONDERFUL.
So yes, I hope Louise is looking down on us all offering you this Moonology Course (the non-certified version) for the brilliant price of just $99, but only for the next few hours.
As you might know, Louise was the Queen of affirmations and essentially popularised them so I hope she would approve of this post I did about the affirmation we need now as we move through the eclipse AND about the course

A simple eclipse season affirmation + a special offer for you…

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