When I was a kid, my Dad, who was a doctor, would get tons of presents every Christmas, from his patients.

We would put them all under the Christmas tree and on Christmas morning, my sister and I would read all the amazing messages in the cards out loud, one by one, once all the other presents were opened.
They were all from his patients, people saying how much he had helped them.

We felt so proud of Dad…

It was so touching to know our Dad could touch the lives of all these people – and I think it opened my heart to the idea of helping people through your work.
After Uni, I was a journalist … it wasn’t that easy to help people per se (though I tried!)
Now in what I do though, I really can. For whatever mysterious reasons, I have ended up working as an astrologer, moonologer and author…
… I KNOW 100% that I can help people because I am teaching information which brought ME back from the brink 20 years ago …

… One day at a time with the Moon as my guide.

All this comes together when I tell you about this message below which I just received.
It’s quite mind-blowing to open up an email and read something like this – and reminds me a bit of Dad and the presents under the tree…
” You are an amazing Yasmin! You have helped me change my life. “
I am less amazing and more very blessed to do what I do!
I also love how the reader says I have HELPED HER change her life – because it really is a two-way thing.

I give info but you have to act on it, to get results.
Otherwise it’s just dead words!
If you’re in or near London and would like to come and get the info, I am doing a whole-day Introduction To Moonology Workshop on March 28, Join me!

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