For decades, astrologers have been predicting the end of the House of Windsor with William.


This is based on all things being equal, Charles living around 4 score years and 10 and William being King by his 50s.
This prediction of the demise of the British Royal Family is based on analysis of a series of eclipses (Saros cycles) and has been bandied about for a long time, but originated with Saros Queen Bernadette Brady.
William was born on a solar eclipse (2 Old North cycle), under a Saros cycle started around the 9th century CE (ie around the same time as the British Royal Family as we know them today appeared). It ends in July 2036, when William will almost certainly be King.
In this fascinating post about it which Bernadette Brady wrote in 1995:

To be Born on an Eclipse

…The knowledge of Saros Cycles also gives the astrologer an insight into the client who is born on an eclipse. If a person is born a day either side of a solar eclipse, then in a sense they become part of that Saros Series with their life interwoven with the meaning of the Series.

A note-worthy example of this occurred on the 21st June 1982. The heir to the British throne, Prince William, was born. This was also the date of a solar eclipse. The Saros Series which provided the eclipse was 2 Old North. Saros Series 2 Old North is finishing. It is in its last stages and only has a few more tiny partial eclipses around the South Pole. It started its life in 792 CE and completes in July 2036. This completion will occur when the Prince is 54 years old.
This talks of endings and separation of unions. Serious decisions about separation which eventually lead to better outcomes.
To have Prince William involved in this series implies quite strongly that he is going to change the face of the monarchy or walk away from it, as his great uncle did. What lends further weight to this unfolding drama is that this Series started in the same period of history as the British monarchy itself.

The first recognised King of England who could truly claim that title was the Anglo Saxon Ecgberht and he came to power in 802 CE. The series ends in 2036 with the heir containing this eclipse in his natal chart. I will leave it to you to draw your own conclusions.


From www.BernadetteBrady.com, in 1995


If today’s latest installment in regal history isn’t a hint that this long-held theory is going to finally prove true, then I don’t know what is!

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