Why you should declutter this month and we are not even joking

This is information for all the signs…

If you want to manifest, you need a clean and clear environment and for most of us that means our home and where we work or spend most of our time.

Just as our bodies are our temples, so our spaces should also be our temples. Basically, they are the space around us and that matters when we’re manifesting because it’s all about energy, in the end. Stagnant energy in our home is not good for manifesting energy.

Which brings me nicely to the Full Moon because it’s the best time of the month to just let go of stuff you no longer need.

So suffice to say; New Full Moon rule: please recycle at least three things.

Connect with the Full Moon and start to understand the lunar cycle as it moves through all 12 signs of the year. You will start to develop in ways you maybe never saw coming if you start to really increase your awareness of the New and Full Moon and the entire cycle. Start here with this simple Full Moon worksheet.

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