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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope – 08 August 2022

The Moon continues through your sign today, which may help you get closer to intuiting your thoughts, feelings and motivations. You’ve been so busy grinding a way of late, it’s no doubt you may have lost touch with what you want and need. Today, where time and space allow, do something you know always makes you feel good. Allow yourself to become reinspired. It might just give you the boost you need to get across the finish line.

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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope – 08 August 20220

You are not a particularly money-grabbing sign – you’re far too much of a free spirit for that. That said, even you need funds to pay for all your adventures. This week, a little bit of hard work could go a long way to helping you to raise the money you need. Get your Moon free gifts here

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope – August 2022

If you’ve allowed negative thinking to become a regular passion, stop that now! You’re a Sagittarian; optimism is your birth right! That said, this month has its challenges, but you are getting a restart professionally. Where do you want your career to go in the next 12 months? Use the energies to plan out a road map to stability. It’s one thing to go with the flow, but it lacks traction. * Embrace practical planning to ensure your professional success.

Sagittarius Annual 2019

Want change? It's coming! 2019 is going to be a big year with lots of chances for change and enlightenment. Really! The change-maker planet Uranus will settle into a new home this year and that will affect us all in different ways. Plus we have 5 eclipses to help us...

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