Are you ready for the New Moon?

(And PS there is not much time left to order your New Moon crystals kit)

It’s in the sign of Leo and it’s near Chiron so it’s all about




And are you ready to make a crystal grid?

I’ve worked with amazing crystal expert Rebekah Debono to come up with the list of crystals we need to work with the New Moon.

The 5 crystals you need for the Leo New Moon / July 2019 are:

Rose quartz

Here are the details and reasons why…

Sunstone is known as the joyful stone, it helps you find blessings and increases enthusiasm and vitality. This one really is obvious, since Leo is ruled by the Sun!

Carnelian embodies sexy and sexual energy, alleviates frigidity and fear of flirtatousness. It also increases passion and boosts your social skills – all very Leo!

Citrine is a beautiful yellow crystal warming & energising and stimulates Leonine creativity by enhancing individuality. It is a motivational crystal and activates creativity & self expression.

​Rose quartz is like a cuddle, it connects deeply to the heart chakra and offers a loving reminder for you to be kind to yourself, to move more softly with your spirit and to relax. Leo is great at self-love!

Aventurine is known as the crystal of opportunity, it boosts self confidence and brings courage & strength (all very Leo!) while assisting one to release limiting beliefs. It also is known to attract wealth, abundance and what the heart (very Leo!) desires.

Don’t have the crystals? We do!

(Sorry UK only this month)…

If you’re in the UK and would like to do the crystal grid but you don’t have the crystals, we have you covered!

You have just a few hours left to order your £19.99 crystal kit which has all 5 of the crystals you will need for the grid which we will do together on my Facebook Live …

You will receive an invitation to that when you buy your kit!

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