Predict Your 2023 In 3 Easy Steps - Yasmin Boland

Imagine if you could have a sense of what is coming up in your horoscope and your life…

Now you can.

Using some super simple techniques, you can make predictions for yourself and other people with great accuracy!

Here’s how …

  1. Find out your Rising Sign
    Your rising sign is the zodiac sign that was coming up over the Eastern horizon at the exact place and time of your birth. It’s actually the most personal point on your horoscope and will give you way more accuracy when you use it instead of your Sun sign because it is truly unique to you.Find your Rising Sign out for free here
  2. Grab a list of all the New Moons of 2023
    Every month brings at least one New and one Full Moon. Wherever you have a New Moon is where you are getting a restart that month. Wherever you have the New Moon is where you can expect a chance to start all over again. If it’s an easy New Moon it will be an easy restart. If it’s a more challenging New Moon, it could be a more challenging time but you can still start over.In the past, to know when the New Moons were taking place and in which sign and how they were triggering YOU, you would either have to know astrology or see an astrologer for a private consultant and pay handsomely for that knowledge!That’s why I created the Moonology Diary – so you can find it out for yourself every month and make predictions for yourself and your friends and loved ones. It’s super simple. In my Moonology Diary 2023, simply turn to the New Moon for that month and where it says, ‘What does this Moon mean for you?.Look up your Rising Sign and not your Sun sign because this will give you a much more accurate reading, and read the notes on which part of your chart is being triggered by that New Moon.
  3. For a description of what the New Moon in this part of your chart means, read the section on the New Moon. This will give you a sense about whether it’s going to be an easy or challenging phase. Then be sure to fill in the New Moon wishes section in the diary so you can start to make your dreams come true!

Once you get the hang of this, you’ll never look back! Knowing where the New Moon is taking place in my chart changed my life because:

  • It means I can see in advance where to centre my energies
  • It shows me where I have an advantage every month
  • It helps me predict what is likely coming my way

As well, if you focus on the part of your life being triggered by the New Moon and do what you can to improve that part of your life, over the course of 12 months, you will have worked on every part of your life. And you don’t need to be a psychologist or a New Age guru to know that if you work on yourself and every part of your life, you are going to be an even more

  • Powerful person
  • Successful person
  • A more powerful manifestor

This is because manifesting is something which happens quite naturally once we are aligned and working with the New Moon every month to set intentions and offering it all up to the Universe at Full Moon will get you aligned like nothing else!

If you’re ready to have a go and see how doing this very simple monthly practice can change your life – or rather all YOU to change YOUR life – click here to find out more and get a copy of my Moonology Diary 2023 with lots of great bonuses!

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