monthly horoscope – December 2018 | Yasmin Boland

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You have a spectacular year ahead of you thanks to the golden influence of Jupiter in Sagittarius at the top of your chart. Plans you make this December set you up for success into 2019 and beyond. An especially lucky combination of Mercury and Jupiter on December 21 can bring happy news about work or your study plans. You might hear of a bonus or promotion, or that you have been successful in your job hunt. Even though it’s close to Christmas, welcome news is likely.

In love and dating, new togetherness will be possible. Being direct about how you feel and what you want can help you move forward with someone special.

You get a cosmic burst of energy and confidence thanks to Mars in Pisces all month. This once in 2 years cycle can help you take action, make decisions and focus on your dreams. You might be clear about what you will and won’t do – what you say no to now gives you time and energy to more fully focus on your top priorities.
Treat yourself to a personal indulgence or a lovely self-pampering experience when Mars and Neptune combine on December 8. You may be at your creative and intuitive best then, so trust your instincts. With Mars onside this will be a great month to get back on track with a health or fitness goal too.

Celebrate with friends or make time for your BFF when Mars and Pluto work together on December 17. Your loyalty and support of those in your inner circle can make a big impact then. You may take charge to organise a group get together, or realise that a friend really wants your help about their situation. You have more power and influence than you realise so show up for those you love and be yourself.

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