Venus your special star finally begins to pick up speed in the sky. This may mean that you too, will begin to make moves that bring a greater sense of meaning and purpose into your life. This is your time to start materialising all those thoughts and ideas you spent the last several weeks pondering. While travel is still limited for most, you might opt to learn something that you’ve always wanted to know. Buy a book or sign up for an online course. Take a step into your future happiness today.

Why now is the time to change your life

Eclipses are times when it’s as though portals to a new life open up – and here comes a New Moon ecilpse. Are you ready to move through it? I’m holding an online eclipse Masterclass in which I will help you to use the energies to transform your life. Join me! I’ve giving it away free of charge as a thank you to everyone who pre-orders my Moonology Diary from this page.

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