Information about the month ahead for all the signs

It’s a relatively calm month – but note that it could be the calm before the storm! Reason being that next month we get eclipses. So we can expect life to be more intense then? And now? Overall, June looks positive. Let’s break it down…

When it comes to love and money …

To see what the month has in store love-wise and when abundance, we look to the planet Venus. Here are the standout Venus dates for June:

June 1 – we will have just had a lovely link between Venus and reliable Saturn. Deals and promises made around now are likely to stick.
June 3 – the good love and abundance vibes continue. A good day for a breakfast meeting with a lover or regarding a business deal.
June 12 – a healing day – great if you need to make up with someone or lick an emotional wound (so to speak).
June 23 – how much love is too much love? Lavish the people you love with love but be careful not to smother them! Avoid over-spending today too.
June 24 – there could be deception in the air if you’re involved romantically or financially with someone you know you can’t really trust (why?).

Also very much of note…

June 18 sees a rare link between Saturn and Neptune. This alignment is actually one of the rolling themes of 2019. It’s all about learning about the mystical and the Divine. If you already know how to meditate, it’s really a wonderful day to recommit to a daily practise – yes it can be tough to “sit” every day and just breathe but if you’re a meditator, you already know how powerful it is. If you’re just starting out on the spiritual path and you’re thinking you maybe “should” meditate, then this is a great day to sign up to or even attend a class. At least have a look on YouTube and educate yourself about the power of meditation. Once you start, you very likely won’t go back!

Days to watch out for…

Overall June looks fairly peaceful but there are a few days when the planets are clashing, so we mere mortals could find ourselves feeling a tad under fire! The days to really watch out for (especially if you have someone in your life that you’re feuding with, or if you have a short fuse yourself!) are: June 7, 8, 9, 14, 16, 20 and 27.

How to prepare for next month’s eclipses…

Back in ye old days, people feared Solar Eclipses in particular, as they had no idea when they were coming, and so would blame anything and everything on “the day the skies went dark”. The Solar Eclipse next month won’t be visible from Australia or New Zealand but it’s still an amazing chance to start all over again in your life – anywhere. Use this month to think about what you want to release and where you want to start over. Think of June as your chance to prepare the for the new directions you want in your life, because it really is!

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