Information about the month ahead for all the signs

It’s a lot to handle!

The great news is that this month brings two eclipses. There’s the New Moon eclipse in Cancer and then the Full Moon eclipse in Capricorn. For exact times around the country and the world, visit moonmessages.com/moontimes

Early July brings the New Moon eclipse, and two weeks’ later we’ll get the Full Moon eclipse.

New Moon eclipses are like New Moons on steroids. In other words, while New Moons have traditionally been the time to make wishes, cast spells and set intentions, New Moon eclipses are that and so much more.

This month’s eclipse takes place in the super-emotional sign of Cancer, so we can expect very high energies and to feel all our feelings this week. Water signs and Capricorns in particular could be especially emotional. This eclipse is also aided by communications planet Mercury, which is going into a new retrograde cycle in the sign of Leo. If you know where Leo is in your chart, that is where you need to do some rethinking, reviewing and maybe even some revisiting.

In the past, people feared eclipses, as suddenly the sky went dark (in the case of a Solar Eclipse), the birds stopped chirping and the dogs started barking. But now we know better, so don’t fear the eclipse and instead work with it (and with the current Mercury reverse cycle). Soon after the eclipse this week we get a Mercury-Mars meeting. This could translate quite easily into the idea of ‘S/he who dares under this New Moon, wins!’

Set some intentions!

Ideally you do New Moon wishes every month without fail. After all, if you want to change your life, you have to get really clear in your intentions. That said, life does happen, events sometimes get in the way and every now and then, despite the best of intentions, we don’t do what we mean to do. But this month? This month, the skies urge you! The July New Moon eclipse is one of the most powerful times in 2019 to make your wishes and set your intentions.

And then release…

By the same token, hopefully you do some release work every Full Moon. It’s the ideal time, as our emotions come to the surface, we can process our feelings and let go. And that goes triple this month, thanks to the Full Moon eclipse. It so important to surrender everything to the Divine once a month – even your most heart-felt wishes. The cosmos knows what’s best. That might sound like a cop-out, but I can tell you, it’s the wishes I have made but not surrendered which have caused me the most upset over the years! The idea is to declare your intentions to the Universe and then trust that the best will transpire for you.

How to surrender…

We all know how to make wishes, right? We’ve done it since childhood. Surrender is another matter. At the time of the Full Moon, state your wishes to the Universe one more time and then say “I surrender this to the Divine!” It’s that simple.

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