Did you know that every year, you get at least one New Moon in your 11th House which is also known as the House Of The Thing Wished For.

In other words, it’s THE moment of the year to make your New Moon wishes, even if you don’t make them at any other time of the year.

The thing is, your horoscope chart is divided up into 12 sections which look like pizza slices which astrologers call Houses. So there is a House of Love and a House of Cash and so on. And then there is your 11th House, the House of Wishes.

Which is why I decided to start a new monthly series which works with whichever sign is having the New Moon in their 11th House.

This time around, it’s Taurus and Taurus Rising people.

So it’s a time to make your wishes and set your intentions but more than that, it’s the perfect time to take a look at what’s coming up for you in the  year ahead.

So in this one-hour session, we will look at all this as well as when the Sun will be in your Love Zone and Money Zone and so on over the year ahead, where the retrogrades will be for you and what you can expect overall for the year ahead.

Think of it like a once-a-year tune-up

Think of it like a once-a-year tune-up for a fraction of the price you would normally pay for a one on one astrology reading – even though this isn’t one on one, you will definitely get a lot of info similar to the info you would get in a personal reading.

Plus if you get in very quickly, you will get free access to our early bird bonus which is a 20-minute free webinar a week ahead of the New Moon session to explain to you how to get into the right state of mind and the right energetic state to make the most of the Lucky New Moon session itself – think of it as getting everything working properly so you can make the most magic.

Seize the moment!

Life is all about learning – and there is a reason why you’re seeing this! The Universe wants to you step up and make more of your life so you can achieve more and give back more! Click here for more info!

Get more info about the Lucky Moon in February here.

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