I have been getting and seeing this question a lot lately so it seemed like a very opportune moment to answer it!*

One of the first things you need to learn when you start to work with the Moon is to know

Where is the Moon?

So how do you tell where the Moon is?

*OK before we go further, I admit this post may have came to mind because…

1. People keep asking me

2. I realised that my Diary solves the problem!

I was thinking back to how I learned and I remember that I didn’t learn with the old-fashioned, tried and tested method, which has been around for years and years and years. At least, not to start with.

1. Use a paper ephemeris

This is like super old school and there is some kudos in using this method! However, and it’s a big however, it’s almost been superseded by computers now… This method is called reading an ephemeris. Have you heard of it?

Back in the day, it was the only way.

An ephemeris is a little book with a tables of all the planetary degrees plus the Sun and Moon (which aren’t planets).

So the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are all listed – plus the nodes.

Back in the olden days, when I started astrology (around 1999), that was something that you could do. I started to use an ephemeris a bit later (once I worked out how), because they’re actually quite interesting.

For example, a Raphael’s Ephemeris has a little panel called an aspectarian and it tells you what all the aspects are that are coming up.

So that’s what people used to use back in the day. Computers weren’t anything like they are today. You can still get an ephemeris for the UK or the USA. I don’t think there is one for Australia, because most people don’t use them anymore anyway, but there are also online ephemerides.

2. Use some dedicated tech

The second way is more technical. It’s what I graduated to pretty quickly.

You can get little programs for your computer. I actually had a free one to start off with, which was called Solar Spark.

You might still be able to get it (I’m reluctant to add a link in case it’s malware!) but there are also other really simple, free ones. You fire it up and then it will  give you basically a picture of where all the planets are and the luminaries right now.

I now use Solar Fire, which has made in Australia and it’s really great. It even works on my phone!

You just put in your details and it will quickly draw you a chart of where all the planets are right now and where the Moon is right now. So that’s the second way.

Plus there are site which will show you where all the planets and luminaries are.

3. My Moonology Diary – aha!

Or you can do the super simple way that I wish had been around when I started otut!

My Moonology Diary 2021 will tell you where the daily Moon is every day of the year!

We wanted to make the diary accessible to anyone who doesn’t have either an ephemeris, doesn’t know how to read one yet or doesn’t have software.

So what you get every day in the diary are at-a-glance symbols which show where the Moon is. (If you don’t know the zodiac symbols yet, there’s a simple key on page 14 to make sure you totally get it/learn it over the year!)

Plus! When you get my diary, you also get ….

Freebies galore!

This year my diary comes with $245 worth of freebies if you order from here. And PS the diary is about to totally sell out!

It’s already sold out on the Hay House sites in the UK and USA, also at Waterstones in the UK, but you should be able to grab a copy from here before it totally disappears for another year!

The freebies you get when you order from here include a free ticket to my Kickstart 2021 Moon Manifesting  online workshop, a copy of 79-page Year Ahead Horoscope eZine, a wonderful (I hope you agree!) sacred chant to get you through 2021, plus the chance to win a blessed mala from India.

What if you already have the diary?

No receipt? No problem! Click here!

I video I made about this very subject…

So if one of your aims for 2021 is to connect with the Moon, or even the Sun, Moon and Stars, now you know how!

Yasmin x


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