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Do you want to learn astrology?

Seriously, now is the time!

In case you didn’t know, I recorded a full-length Astrology Made Easy online course with Hay House.

And best of all, for a VERY limited time, you can buy it with 50% off!

Since it came out a year or three ago, I have had a TON of positive feedback – with many people telling me they’ve never managed to learn astrology until doing this course.

Maybe you’re going to be the next person to “get it” after years of grappling with this ancient system?

Yes! I want 50% off and I want it now!

This online course includes:

  • Six in-depth video lessons with me
  • Instructions to produce your very own personalised birth chart
  • All the information you need to understand the zodiac signs, planets and houses of your birth chart
  • In-depth guidance on the intricacies of angles, aspects and patterns in your birth chart, enabling you to take your understanding to the next level
  • A lesson on prediction and retrogrades to help you use astrology to plan your future
  • With over 5 hours of teaching, you will learn how to interpret every sign, planet and house on a horoscope. Backed up with beautifully-designed worksheets, you will be well on the way to becoming an astrologer.

OK, I am in – teach me!

Astrology is a lot more sophisticated than many people realise. In this course, I will guide you through everything from the zodiac signs and the planets, to the finer points of houses, degrees, aspects and chart patterns.

Using your own birth chart, you will learn how to put all this information together so that you can read your own or someone else’s birth chart, and instantly understand the many layers of their personality.

Want to understand astrological compatibility?

You’ll also be guided through how to work out two people’s astrological compatibility – whether they are strangers, friends, family members or romantic partners – and how to start making your own astrological predictions for the future, including the best time to rethink different areas of your life.

My aim is to help you continue your astrology journey!

Yes! I want to learn astrology! Please give me 50% off

So this 50% off deal is obviously a SUPER limited offer – grab it while you can!