Had a super interesting experience today.

I was worrying A LOT about something which might NEVER happen (yay!) …

It came into my head over lunch because of a random comment and I was instantly so worried, I literally felt quite sick.

It was quite interesting to witness, how that fear rose up in me.

To be fair, I had had a dream about this thing I dread some time ago. Somehow the comment at lunch brought all the fear back.

But I was aware it was just that – fear.

So after I had lunch, I went to sit at the Hare Krishna centre in Soho. It’s a temple in the middle of London’s West End and a great place when you need some peace.

However they were cleaning, so it wasn’t really the right vibe. Apparently I wasn’t going to get to just chant my fears away. I had to work through them.

I walked back out on to bustling Oxford Street, still feeling shaken and rattled, and thought more about my fear.

I knew it was fear. Pure and simple.

There is no reason to fear the thing I was fearing.

In fact, there is every reason to think that was I was fearing won’t happen.

And then I remembered.


Yes, good old surrender.

In that moment, I surrendered. I surrendered to the fear. I surrendered that if I have to experience this thing, well, then I have to.

I have been around the block enough times to know that this is the only way.

The only way out is through.

Om Namo Narayani.

I surrender to the Divine.

And in that moment, I felt the fear dissolve in quite an amazing way.

But still, I asked for a sign.

OK, please Universe, just give me a sign that this fear is just fear and I should let it go…

As I asked, my eyes fell upon this man’s t-shirt, in the pic.

I was so taken aback, I asked him if I could photograph it!
Try surrender, if you’re feeling the fear today…

PS… Hey New Yorkers…!

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