Can you  believe it’s already March?


I know, right.


We have so many hopes and dreams for 2021. How are you doing with them? It’s all very well having dreams but how are you meant to implement them?

The world is also changing.


Who would have thought 2020 would happen the way it did. And 2021? *raises eyebrows*


But there is one thing I know for sure…


You DO have some say in what happens next for you.

So what do you want?


That is the big question now. In this changing world, it’s ok for you to be changing too. One thing the whole pandemic has taught us is what really effing matters. Right?


Like the meme said, we didn’t miss the materialistic things  ANYWHERE NEAR as much as we missed the emotional.

So what do you want? 


Start with a wish. A dream is a wish your heart makes, remember. We are all trying to make the most of the cards the Universe is dealing us right now. Whether you’re meditating everyday or chanting with me on Facebook or you’re self medicating or you’re slowly going round the bend,it’s a tough time for everyone right now.

But maybe it’s helping you to see what you want?


If you are lucky to have a clue about what it is you want to bring into your life, then you are amongst the lucky ones. Maybe you’ve realised you want more love in your life or maybe you want to be a better friend or a better spouse or you want to treat your kids better or you want to stand up to your parents.


Whatever is going on for you right now, it’s happening for a reason. These are incredible times that we are going through, and they’re not happening by accident.


So Are you ready to step into your power?Many of us have more time than we’ve ever had to work on connecting to our higher selves an our inner Goddess is, or Gods.


Feelings, nothing more than feelings


One thing we’ve all learned in the past year or so is that it’s not about what we have, it’s about how we feel. Life has been reduced down to the basics.


As it turns out, it’s not about what we have commas are comfortable house doesn’t go astray when you’re in lockdown. It’s really about how we feel. Do we feel optimistic, do we feel comfortable, do we feel as though we’ve got this?


We’ve realised that when we go don’t go anywhere and don’t do anything, we still have feelings and they’re still creating what happens next.


So now it’s time to start manifesting for real.


Many people have been dabbling in manifesting for quite a few years now. There are definitely some good teachers out there and people showing the way. But for my money, if you really want to understand this whole magic, you just have to know about the moon.


It makes sense. Women have worked with the moon to make magic for millennia. In fact it’s the people who took the moon out of the equation that partly ended our ability to make magic. 500 years ago, we were burned us at the stake for making magic. Of course we didn’t dare do it anymore!


But it’s time to start again.


Take the plunge


One of the things about working with the moon is that the patriarchy has made it seem somewhat dangerous. They said that people who did such things were crazy. Now we know that wasn’t true. Working with the moon can change your life. It’s changed my life and it’s changed the life of thousands of my students.


Essentially, it comes down to what cognitive behavioural therapists have been saying for decades; What you believe to be true is true for you.


So you have to lose your fear, move on from it, and just take the plunge. Start to pay attention to the moon cycle and your life will change in ways that you just couldn’t have seen coming.


Release the past


What many teachers won’t tell you is that it’s not as easy as just sitting there and making a wish, like snapping your fingers. In fact as far from it. It involves going into yourself at a very deep level. It means doing some self inquiry.


One of the most important things to do when you’re manifesting is to release the past. You have to make space. Let go of the old to allow in the new.


Do it as a group


Women have been doing magical circles for hundreds of years. And we’re still doing them now. Doing moon work as a group is one of the most powerful things that you can possibly do. So find some like minded women and get together and make magic together. Actually, it’s our birth right.


Remember, you’re worth it.




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