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It’s a New Moon week!

It’s a New Moon week so it’s time to set some intentions and send some wishes out into the Universe.

The process is simple; set aside some time on Saturday after 8.21pm AEST and have a think about what you want to draw into your life. What are you goals for the coming four weeks, the coming 12 months, ever?

Now break your biggest goal down into baby steps. What could you do in the short-term to start to move towards your dreams?

For an example, say that you want to get in shape. A first step would be to commit to moving your body once a day, every day, be that with a stroll, yoga, Zumba or whatever appeals.

Now create a little ceremony around this process. Dim the lights, put on some beautiful and uplifting music (I love Edo & Jo, and Deva Pemal and Mitten). Put some oil in the diffuser. Think about your number 1 goal. What would it look like? Imagine it. Most importantly, feel it in your body. Feel it as real. If you can believe it, you can achieve it. Write down your goals. Make 3 big ones and some smaller ones. Then turn your number one goal an affirmation as if it’s already happened. For example “I feel so much lighter on my feet and my health is improving every day!” to continue with the getting-in-shape idea.

And then? Work towards your goals. As the wonderful but sceptical Kerri-Anne Kennerley said to me when I talked about this on her show a decade ago, “the great thing is that even if you don’t believe in astrology, goal-setting is still amazing to do once a month!”